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Get a ‘One Big Happy Family’ Mortgage in Ontario

No question about it, mortgages are expensive. Pricey real estate markets like Toronto, Durham or Oakville require big incomes and stable salaries. Starting a new job, a pandemic panic or self-employment can throw a wrench in your home buying plans. Toronto Home Prices Going Up Average home prices in Toronto have gone up four times…Read More

Stop a Lien That’s Stopping You From Buying a Home

What does your new home have to do with Thomas Jefferson? And why is he stopping you from buying it? From Romans to Republicans Jefferson, a Republican and U.S. president, gave birth to the U.S. Declaration of Independence and the Mechanic’s Lien Act. As an architect, Jefferson understood contractors and labourers building the nation’s capital…Read More

Second Mortgage, Second Thoughts

Borrowing against your home sounds great. You get an automatic line of credit to buy those little extras you want or need. That sleek black stainless steel fridge you spotted on the Home Depot commercial. The 2011 Honda Civic with the low clicks from Watch out! Easy money may not be easy to pay…Read More

25 Questions You Ask Our Ontario Real Estate Lawyers

You asked us, we answered: 25 questions we commonly get about buying and selling real estate. Can I sell my house without a lawyer? Sorry. Axess Law has qualified, licensed real estate lawyers who know all the ins and outs of real estate transactions. 2. Why do lawyers charge so much? Most Ontario real estate…Read More

What If a Real Estate Buyer Won’t Close

Selling your home is thrilling. Unless it’s a foreclosure, most Ontario sellers are (literally) hoping to move on. It’s hard to believe your sail could go off the rails. Four Reasons Home Sales Collapse You thought the deal was done, but now your realtor has delivered bad news. The sale deal has collapsed and you…Read More

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