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5 Tips for Probating a Family Estate

Your loved one’s estate is their last wish for the people and property they cared about most. Treat it with respect.   Hire a wills and estate lawyer. It’s more complex than you think. Probating an estate seems straightforward, but the ins and outs can be complex. Instead of being a DIY specialist, most estate administrators…Read More

What is Probate?

What is Probate? When you pass away, you’ll have hopefully passed away having written a will – the document that dictates how your estate is to be distributed in addition to a number of other things. Upon your death, your will is going to most likely be probated.  Probate is the word that describes the…Read More

eyeglass with last will and testament document

What Happens If I Die Without A Will?

We have many clients who are concerned that if they do not have a will, the government will take all of their assets.  This could be a scary thought for many people who have loved ones they hope to support long after they have passed away.  Rest assured, the government will not take everything (though…Read More

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