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Virtual Notary Does it All Online

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Your all-important documents need immediate attention but you can’t leave the house. Now they can be notarized online, with Axess Law’s virtual notary service.

Virtual commissioning is possible for almost any document you need signed and stamped with a public notary’s seal. It’s easy, secure and affordable.

Law Society Sanctioned

Until now, most Ontario notary publics met with you in person. During COVID-19, the Law Society of Ontario approved online commissioning by qualified lawyers to give Ontarians more choices for getting documents notarized while staying safe. You don’t have to put off getting official documents signed and sealed because you work from home, have children or can’t get to a local notary’s office on time. Virtual document signing is done from the comfort of your home or office by fully licensed professionals.

Webcam Notarization That is Trusted 

Axess Law is ahead of the competition when it comes to webcam notarization. Our experienced notary publics are licensed lawyers in good standing and are skilled at online video conferencing. Some legal offices are new to remote commissioning. Axess Law’s Ontario notaries have been making video calls since long before COVID-19. If this is your first experience with video calling, they can explain how it works and put you completely at ease. 

Get Documents Sealed Anywhere You Are

Axess Law can video conference remotely with you from anywhere in Ontario. We have law offices near you throughout Greater Toronto and in Ottawa. Internet service, a computer, smartphone, tablet or other mobile device are all you need for a video conference call. We notarize commercial or private documents, giving you a legal copy for any use.   

A Simpler Way of Signing Official Documents

Our remote notary service makes it easy to get documents signed, without ever leaving home. Once your video call starts, most documents can be signed in minutes. You simply arrange a video call appointment at any time during the week, day or evening, that works for you. Axess Law does the rest. 

How Remote Commissioning Works

When you call Axess Law for an appointment, you receive a confirmation email. Use the video call link in the email to join a live notary for your meeting. You will be asked to show your government-issued ID to the virtual notary. Once your identity is verified, you click on an electronic link to sign your documents. A virtual notary countersigns and stamps the documents. Your notarized documents are emailed to you. Just print and go. You’re done! Now that’s convenient.

Tips for Your Video Call

Use a computer you own or know is secure. VPN or other antivirus protection can help prevent your transaction from being compromised. 

  • Avoid public computers, which may have malware installed on them.
  • Check your device has a webcam and microphone.
  • Electronic copies are required – scan your documents or take photos beforehand and email those  to us.
  • Have your affidavits and exhibits with you for the call. 
  • Show the online notary one piece of valid, government-issued ID:
  • Driver’s licence
  • Canadian passport
  • Ontario photo card
  • Canadian citizenship card with photo
  • PR card with photo.

A high resolution scan or photo of your ID is kept as proof of your identity. The notary may also take a photo of you. 

Fully Licensed and Secure

Axess Law’s remote notary service is licensed by the Law Society of Ontario. Virtual notaries adhere to strict rules to protect your online safety. Online commissioning services use state-of-the-art technologies. Your identity is secured with original, one-time-use signatures, data encryption and a detailed audit history. Video calls are recorded to keep a record of your online transaction. If you have any questions about your privacy or security, ask us when you call for an appointment. 

Accessible Requests Welcomed

Don’t be deterred if English is your second language or you have vision or hearing loss. Your call is welcome. Axess Law makes every effort to accommodate accessible requests. Your documents may be read aloud or an interpreter arranged to ensure you understand what you are signing. As part of our professional obligation to you, we take steps to verify you are not being coerced to sign.

Government Appointed Notaries and Commissioners of Oaths

Not all Ontario lawyers are notary publics. Axess Law notaries are appointed under the Ontario Notaries Act. They can also take affidavits and administer legal oaths, affirmations or declarations.

Flat Fee Notary Services 

Axess Law are your Ontario flat fee lawyers. Online notarization reduces our overhead costs, making it more affordable for you. Axess Law charges a flat fee of $24.99 for notarization or $89.99 for affidavits, plus taxes. Notary services can be billed to most credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express) or you can pay by debit.

Book a Video Call or In Person Appointment

To get started today, call Axess Law toll-free at 877-522-9377 or in Greater Toronto at 647-479-0118 or use our online booking form. Tell us if you prefer to video conference or meet in person. Our Ontario law offices are open day and evening, at times convenient for you.  Click here to learn more about Axess Law’s notary public services.


It was a pleasure working with Patricia from Axess Law. It was my first time purchasing a home, and was very nervous about every step in the process. I called and emailed Patricia several times with the silliest questions. She answered them all promptly, and provided the best customer service I could ask for. I would recommend Axess Law and particularly Patricia to everyone.

c Cindy Tran

In the past I had to make appointments and waited for days to see a lawyer. Now conveniently this office is at my neighborhood supermarket. I was able to walk in and get my documents signed in less than 30 minutes The staff are courteous and professional. I would recommend anyone. Prompt service.

Joy Stewart Joy Stewart

I am writing this review on behalf of my daughter who completed her first Real Estate condo transaction with AxessLaw. Besides just helping my daughter as a client, they helped her understand every single step involved in the process and the whole process was completed without any problems. I would recommend them to anyone looking for hassle free real estate transaction without thinking twice.

icon Irene Tucker


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