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Sign Legal Documents in Virtual Time

You’re getting kind of used to this sitting at home talking on the computer thing. Thanks to laptops, cell phones, iPads, tablets, mobile devices and the Internet for making it all possible. We couldn’t agree more. Doing (Almost) Everything Online Now when you need a legal document notarized or a commissioner of oaths to witness…Read More

Making Your Affidavit Stand Up in Court

Have you been harmed on purpose? A lawyer who said he was lost his case. It’s good to know nobody’s perfect when it comes to making an affidavit for Ontario Superior Court of Justice.  How to Write an Affidavit for Court It looks so easy on TV. The fact is, making an affidavit takes work….Read More

Most Outrageous White Lies Ever — Just Don’t Try It In Court

You “liked” your friend’s garish blue hair on Facebook. Told your mother-in-law her dry as a desert wind turkey was delectable. What’s so wrong with a little white lie once in awhile? What Lying Does to Your Brain White lies may seem harmless, but Nature Neuroscience researchers (“The brain adapts to dishonesty”, Oct. 24, 2016)…Read More

Get a Travel Letter of Consent for Your Child

Divorce or separation can put a last-minute wrench in your family vacation plans. For smooth sailing all the way, get a notarized travel letter of consent in advance. (Border agents and airlines are less likely to balk when it’s notarized.) Vacations With Kids When You’re Divorced or Separated Taking the kids on cross-border travel excursions…Read More

Six Documents to Get Notarized in Ontario

Identity theft is big business. Protect yours by getting important legal documents notarized by a flat fee notary public. Six documents you really ought to take to an Ontario notary service: 1. Marriage Affidavit Getting married out of province is no big deal unless you need a copy of your marriage certificate in a hurry….Read More

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