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Selling Real Estate

Selling Real Estate

Upsizing, downsizing or somewhere-in-between sizing, our dedicated real estate team helps make selling real estate easy, efficient and understandable. Axess Law is open 7 days a week. You can talk to us any time that's right for you, in person or via video call anywhere in Ontario. 

Sell Homes for Less in Ontario 

When you are selling a house, real estate fees can really add up. Full-service commissions, legal fees and all those renovations, repairs and time spent bringing your home to market are a major expense. (For information on how to sell property on your own, see our Private Sales page. We have handy DIY tips on eliminating sellers' agents.)

Axess Law Ontario real estate lawyers help you sell your home for less. We take some basic home sales details and give you an all-inclusive quote for our flat rate legal fees, all third-party fees and taxes. There are no hidden fees or extras. 

Other real estate lawyers charge hourly. We bill a single, all-inclusive fee for selling real estate in Ontario. If you are buying a new property, we can also handle the purchase transaction, streamlining all your real estate needs.

How to Choose Real Estate Agents When Selling

You may be selling for the first time or an experienced homeowner and seller. Having a professional real estate broker makes a real difference, especially in the fast moving Greater Toronto Area real estate market.

A licensed Toronto REALTOR© finds prices of comparable homes in your area and suggest  what yours is worth. They list homes on the MLS (multiple listing service) and book showings and open houses. Your realtor can prepare offers of purchase for Axess Law real estate attorneys to review and provide documents we need to close your sale. Without a realtor, you can expect to do all the work yourself. Do you really have time for that? 

When you prefer hiring a seller's agent to a for sale by owner deal, look for someone who:

  • has integrity
  • is persistent
  • communicates well
  • is passionate about selling
  • is trustworthy
  • and resourceful.

You won't regret the time and effort you spend locating the right sales agent to market your home to prospective buyers.

Get Offer to Purchase Legal Advice

When potential buyers make offers to purchase (also called an Ontario agreement of purchase and sale), Axess Law real estate attorneys can review the legal details to ensure it's right for you. We advise you on real estate deposits, seller's rights and obligations and legal options if buyers withdraw offers. Lawyers manage the legal formalities involved in finalizing real estate deals in Ontario. Why pay more when you can hire a flat fee lawyer in the GTA? 

Why You Need an Axess Law Lawyer

Only a licensed lawyer or notary public can prepare legal documents to close a real estate sale in Ontario. 

Axess Law does the legal footwork for you. We make sure you have fire insurance in place while your sale progresses and, if you are buying a condo, you have read strata council minutes for red flags. Checking construction or property liens that could delay transferring title and paying outstanding home taxes are all part of getting to the closing date on time. We even pass the keys from seller to owner.

Our Greater Toronto Area real estate attorneys contact your mortgage lender to discharge any mortgages or ensure your new mortgage is approved so the property title is legal. We remove conditions from offers to purchase and keep your closing transaction on schedule.

Dealing With Home Inspections

Home inspections protect real estate buyers and sellers from unfortunate and costly lawsuits. 

Your home is sold in "as is" condition. It's up to you as the homeowner to report defects in the seller's disclosure statement your realtor provides when you list your home for sale. You can be liable if you withhold information on latent or hidden defects you knew about before closing a real estate deal.

Home buyers are expected to check for patent or easily observable defects, such as cracks in ceiling plaster. Ordering a home inspection is the buyer's obligation. Buyers who find defects or deficiencies may make a request for repairs after a home inspection or ask you to lower the selling price. Your Axess Law real estate attorney can advise you on how to proceed if a home inspection turns up problems like pests, mould or mildew or a faulty foundation.

Home buyers have up to two years after discovering a defect to take legal action. It pays to have Axess Law on your side in case your home sale goes sideways due to a defect discovered after the fact.

Let Axess Law Close Home Sales for You

Axess Law has Ontario real estate lawyers near you for legal advice on closing real estate deals. 

Your real estate closing date is when the buyer gets legal ownership, receiving the keys to your home. We walk you through the process from A to Z and keep you up to date via email and phone. We set a date with you to come into one of our conveniently located Greater Toronto Area offices to sign closing documents or send someone to meet at your home or office. 

Your closing documents have all the financial details to allow us to transfer title and real estate funds to the proud new owner.

Congratulations on completing your home sale! Now wasn’t that easy?

Find Ontario Real Estate Lawyers

Our simplified, flat fee legal services save time and money and are designed to be convenient for our clients (you!). If you want to spend less time selling and more time closing a home sale, dial our 1-800 lawyer line for a free quote or pop into our Greater Toronto Area law offices. In a hurry? Book appointments online, in just minutes.

Book Online for Day or Evening Legal Appointments

We’re open 7 days a week, with long, flexible hours so you can choose a time that works with you.


It was a pleasure working with Patricia from Axess Law. It was my first time purchasing a home, and was very nervous about every step in the process. I called and emailed Patricia several times with the silliest questions. She answered them all promptly, and provided the best customer service I could ask for. I would recommend Axess Law and particularly Patricia to everyone.

c Cindy Tran

In the past I had to make appointments and waited for days to see a lawyer. Now conveniently this office is at my neighborhood supermarket. I was able to walk in and get my documents signed in less than 30 minutes The staff are courteous and professional. I would recommend anyone. Prompt service.

Joy Stewart Joy Stewart

I am writing this review on behalf of my daughter who completed her first Real Estate condo transaction with AxessLaw. Besides just helping my daughter as a client, they helped her understand every single step involved in the process and the whole process was completed without any problems. I would recommend them to anyone looking for hassle free real estate transaction without thinking twice.

icon Irene Tucker


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