Independent Legal Advice for Real Estate

Close your real estate transaction with confidence. Available for virtual and in-person closing, we bring legal expertise to you in the most convenient and affordable way.

What is a Certificate of Independent Legal Advice?

A certificate of independent legal advice form (Ontario) confirms you took the time to consult a lawyer before making real estate offers. It can prevent misunderstandings or frauds that put your home purchase or mortgage financing at risk. Axess Law’s experienced real estate team takes time to understand your situation and meet with you alone. We review the documents you provide and ask questions to ensure you understand what they mean. Our advice is documented in case you have questions later.

How It Works


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Click on ‘Get Started’ button to receive a quote from us. If you decide to proceed, our customer care team will reach out to you within minutes to discuss the next steps.


Upload Files

You will receive a secure intake link in your inbox to submit your closing documents. After receiving your documents, we will work with the lender to prepare for closing while keeping you informed at all times.


Sign Agreement

Once your closing documents are ready, we will book an appointment to review and sign the documents with you. Depending upon your convenience and location, you can meet your lawyer in person or virtually. 

Documents We Need

When you have a conflict of interest with a realtor or family member you are purchasing property with, Axess Law real estate lawyers give you independent legal advice (ILA). You’ll be more comfortable with decisions when you get an independent legal opinion from a lawyer who represents your interests alone. If a dispute arises, we give you an ILA certificate that can be used in Ontario courts.
  • Driver’s license
  • Canadian passport
  • Ontario photo card
  • Canadian citizenship card with photo
  • PR card with photo

Legal Advice for Buying, Selling or Mortgage Refinancing

Axess Law understands that buying real estate is a major investment. So when your real estate transaction is out of the ordinary, we recommend independent legal advice (ILA). Family member or business associate guaranteeing your mortgage? They need independent legal advice to fully appreciate what their commitment means. Has a realtor or lawyer offered to represent both you and the other party? Independent legal opinion advice prevents misunderstandings about how your personal information may be shared..

Regardless of how much money sharing services or buying real estate with others could save you, independent legal advice is always recommended. An ILA certificate is relatively inexpensive compared to the discomfort that not knowing if you are being fairly represented or what you are agreeing to may cause you. A brief legal consultation with an Axess Law lawyer can give you the assurance you are making informed decisions when you buy, sell or mortgage real estate.

What is an ILA Certificate?

The ILA certificate your Axess Law lawyer gives you can be used in court. It’s proof you fully understand the consequences of the real estate deal being concluded. And, it demonstrates you signed any legal documents without being coerced, bullied or unduly influenced. That can be important if a business associate or family member challenges you in court to attempt to overturn the negotiations or influence the court in their favour. Axess Law only issues an ILA when we are satisfied you appreciate all the implications of your decisions.

Why You Need Independent Advice

Lawyers who act for two clients in the same legal matter can be in a conflict of interest. Axess Law offers independent legal advice when:

Your lawyer is part of the real estate deal
A seller or buyer suggests sharing a lawyer
A real estate purchase is a joint business venture with a lawyer
Your lawyer makes a mistake that affects your purchase or sale

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Convenient Appointments

Make an appointment by calling +1.877.402.4207 or fill out our online booking form. Axess Law gives you the choice of booking an online or in-person appointment. Our lawyers are available 7 days a week, at times convenient for you. We can meet in person, by phone, email, or via a remote video call. In addition to these, there are 5 Axess Law offices located across the Greater Toronto Area – all with onsite parking or easily accessible by public transit.

Some FAQs

Axess Law’s Ontario realty attorneys give you fair and objective legal advice that protects you financially in these potential conflict of interest situations.
Though not compulsory, Ontario courts prefer home purchasers get Independent legal advice about potential adverse outcomes of agreeing to real estate transactions.
Only a licensed, practicing lawyer, not a notary public, can give you independent legal advice in Ontario. Axess Law’s real estate attorneys review agreements of purchase and sale and offer legal opinions on whether dual agency arrangements or mortgage loan agreements are compromising in any way.

Keep the following documents handy at to your Axess Law appointment to wrap up your consultation as quickly as possible:

  • agreement of purchase and sale
  • buyer’s representation agreement from your realtor
  • The listing agreement, if you are selling an Ontario home
  • realtor and bank forms, emails, or communications
  • mortgage loan documents
  • cohabitation agreements or marital contracts, if they apply
  • and government-issued ID, like a driver’s license or OHIP photo health card.