150,000+ clients have trusted Axess Law with their legal needs.

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Buy, sell or refinance real estate in the Greater Golden Horseshoe of metro Toronto.

Search land titles for legal property owners.

Transfer a title to family members or new home buyers.

Stay in your matrimonial home if your spouse dies before you.

Our licensed real estate team simplifies complex, time-consuming legal transactions for you. We have experienced real estate lawyers nearby who can advise you 7 days a week on buying real estate or closing property sales on time.

Virtual real estate services

We video conference online with real estate buyers and sellers or can meet you in person at any of our nearby Greater Toronto Area law offices. We're open long, convenient daily hours and have flexible day or evening appointments at times that work with your schedule.

Get the advice and guidance you need at a time and place convenient for you.

Lower real estate legal fees

Your home is a major investment. Naturally you want to protect it. 

Axess Law's qualified real estate attorneys can show you simple ways to save money on legal costs and closing fees for your next real estate sale or property purchase. 

Hiring real estate lawyers is wise in any real estate transaction. Our affordable flat fees reduce the expense of buying first homes or flipping property for profit. You get professional advice that makes closing property sales less complex, for far less than what legal firms in Greater Toronto charge for real estate deals.

Why you need a real estate lawyer

Buying and selling homes or land may seem simple. If you try to close your sale without proper legal advice, you could miss important deadlines necessary to keep your transaction from failing. 

Axess Law's Ontario realty attorneys help you:

  • write agreements of purchase and sale
  • get real estate deposits back
  • sign and witness legal documents
  • find legal property owners
  • execute transfer of title 
  • discharge mortgage loans
  • by holding real estate deposits in trust 
  • and meet realtor deadlines to prevent defaulting on offers to purchase.

What real estate lawyers do for you

If you have tried selling your home without a realtor, you know how complex it can be. We take the effort out of finalizing real estate deals. Your Axess Law real estate lawyer:

Prepares, reviews and explains:

We communicate with realtors and mortgage brokers for you

Leave the communications to Axess Law's real estate lawyers. You can sit back and relax knowing real estate transactions are in professional hands. We talk to other parties on your behalf:

  • real estate buyers and sellers
  • realtors
  • land brokers
  • mortgage finance officers
  • mortgage brokers 
  • property management offices
  • title insurance companies
  • Ontario land registry offices
  • and more.

Our local real estate attorneys can respond quickly and effectively when property sellers, mortgage professionals or land registries have questions about any aspect of buying your home or selling land in Ontario.

We have competent real estate attorneys

Your Axess Law lawyer can:

  • check for unpaid property taxes
  • transfer billing information for utilities
  • find registered liens
  • confirm easements that affect property rights
  • check zoning regulations affecting renovation plans
  • find local flood zones
  • locate property surveys
  • advise you what to do about property title errors. 

Dealing with the unexpected

Suppose the unexpected happens. The seller doesn't have a lawful right to sell homes. Or you have unpaid tax liabilities or liens against your property. Axess' lawyers can help by negotiating your purchase or selling price. Your lawyer can even save you from being a victim of fraud. And, they can protect you from other risks.

Your lawyer explains your sales or purchase contract and any issues that may interfere with closing the deal. Investing in an Axess Law lawyer ensures you have the advice and guidance to make your transaction go as smoothly as possible.

Prevent title fraud

Identity fraud and improper property title transfers can rob you of your biggest asset, your family home or investment property. Axess Law realty lawyers advise you on getting title insurance to protect against title scams or insurance frauds.

Transfer title in your Will

If you are married or living common law, we can recommend joint tenant arrangements to protect your spouses' survivorship rights to live in your matrimonial or family home. Make sure your family is protected by adding spouses to the title of the property.

Our low-cost legal fees 

We give you a statement of fees and adjustments that shows where every dollar went. You can rest easy knowing your property purchase or sale is final and complete.

Axess Law charges just $799.99 and up to sell a home or $999.99 and up to buy Ontario real estate.

Book online -- in person legal appointments available too

Axess Law can meet you online via virtual video call anywhere you are in Ontario or in person at any of our Greater Toronto Area legal offices. Book online! It's fast, convenient and takes only minutes of your time. Or call our 1-647-479-0118 lawyer line -- toll free to 1-877-402-4207 -- for prompt, professional service.


Our law Clerk Patricia P. Was my rock! She was so helpful and able to explain things to us in layman’s terms. This was a huge help. I give her 10 stars at least. Thank you Patricia ! You are a huge asset to Axess Law. It was a pleasure working with you.

Carol Piccini Carol Piccini

I am a real estate agent who is constantly looking for a real estate firm that has competitive prices and excellent customer service for the closing of my clients purchases and sales. Elena has been able to knowledgeably respond to all of my questions. I would recommend this firm to anyone who appreciates low prices, friendly and knowledgeable people, quick responses, helpful staff, and a great firm all in all. Ask for Elena!

Jenny Murray Jenny Murray

Anastasia assisted when i was closing a mortgage on my first home. She was thoughtful and responsive through the entire process. I use Axess law whenever i can due to their customer service and pricing. Thanks team!

Laura Jackson A S


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