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Notarized Child Travel Consent Letter

Don't let your child get stopped at Canadian or international borders when they travel. The next time your child or teen leaves Ontario, ask Axess Law before you go for a notarized letter to travel with child out of country. They're not mandatory, but they are recommended.

Why to Get Travel Consent Letters

Prevent Delays

Immigration regulations can require young people under 18 to have parents' or a legal guardian's consent for cross-border or international travel. Your child could be delayed or turned back by border services in Canada or elsewhere unless they have an Axess Law or equivalent  authorization letter for parents to travel with the child.

Avoid Misunderstandings

Not only that, but hotel or charter bus operators may wonder who gave permission for an adult to accompany a child or youth on their journey. Can you blame them? Avoid awkward or embarrassing conversations by having an Axess Law travel authorization letter at the ready.

Stop Child Abductions

Even parents with sole or joint custody may be asked to prove they are not taking their child out of country without their former spouse knowing. Now imagine what could happen if an estranged spouse's relatives spirited your child out of Canada without consent. Travel consent letters protect your children from abduction attempts.

No More Embarrassing Border Encounters

Children travelling with a single parent, school or church group are often challenged by border officials rightfully concerned about your child's or teen's safety. Get an authorization letter for child to travel with one parent or consent letter that permits others to accompany your child and stop embarrassing incidents before they happen.

Grandparents, relatives or friends who invite your children to vacation with them may be taken aback to be asked for proof by border officers that you agreed to the trip. For what should have been a fun-filled outing! An authorization letter for the child to travel with grandparent or others is their best defense.

What Happens Without Travel Authorization

If you're not readily available when Canadian or foreign immigration officials call, missed flights or travel connections and overnight accommodation charges can add up quickly. Your child or teen and their escort could be forced to wait in a secondary holding area until Canada Border Services Agency officials can verify travelers'  identity and get your verbal consent.

Our Letters Meet Canadian Requirements

When we're asked, "Can I get a Canada authorization letter for my daughter to travel out of country?" the answer is of course you can. And, we can arrange for overseas relatives to get a letter of authorization for minors to travel to Canada.

Our licensed notary publics complete, sign and stamp or seal travel letters that meet Global Affairs Canada standards. We write letters for any occasion, with just a few details from you. It only takes minutes out of your busy schedule to get all the information we need to start drafting. 

One or both parents or legal guardians can sign (both are preferred). If you are divorced or separated and prefer not to sign a joint letter, our notary publics can arrange to meet individually with you to provide separate travel authorizations. A copy of a separation agreement may be sufficient when used with a travel consent letter to verify that you are a single parent with sole custody. 

Why You Need an Axess Notary Public

Notarized letters confirm your signature is original, authentic and witnessed. Border officials are less likely to question a notarized letter that has an Axess Law notary stamp or seal. Our licensed Ontario notaries are lawyers and can draft letters for any family situation.

Travelling During COVID

COVID-19 has imposed essential travel restrictions on Canadians and foreign nationals entering our country. International students, nannies, legal guardians or parents travelling with children because of  decision-making responsibility orders (previously called custody orders) need to know:

  • Travellers five and over you accompany across the border need proof of a negative, approved COVID-19 test taken up to 72 hours before entering Canada. Minors under 18 or adults with physical or mental limitations who are unaccompanied by adults are exempt.
  • Even if you are vaccinated, you need a negative COVID-19 test. 
  • If you have recovered from COVID, positive COVID-19 molecular test results, taken 14 to 90 days before your flight, are required upon entry.
  • When you arrive in Canada, you will be given a second test before leaving the airport and sent to a quarantine hotel for three nights to await results. The hotel must be booked pre-arrival and proof it is prepaid provided.
  • You will receive a test kit to take with you when you leave the hotel. The  kit is submitted on day 10 of your mandatory, 14-day quarantine.
  • International students entering Canada require a valid study permit or letter of introduction for a designated learning institution (DLI) with an approved COVID-19 readiness plan. You must wear a mask, follow public health orders and may have to quarantine, even if you cross the border regularly. 
  • A driver taking a student to or from Canada does not need to quarantine, but must wear a mask if they leave their vehicle.

Check the Canada travel website for travel quarantine details

Documents You Need

Bring valid Ontario government photo ID and your passport for your appointment. Birth certificates and proof of custody court orders are useful in authenticating you are a minor child's parent or legal guardian.  

Our Flat Fee Legal Services

Notarized child travel consent letters are just $49.99 at any of our Axess Law Greater Toronto Area law offices. We have notary publics nearby and can go online with you on a video conference call from your home or office anywhere in Ontario.  

Notarized Child Travel Letters on Demand

Axess Law’s Ontario notary publics can commission most documents by online video call or in person for child travel consent letters. Visit any of our Greater Toronto Area law offices nearby. Our offices have onsite parking and are easy to reach by public transit. 

We make day or evening appointments, 7 days a week, at your convenience. Use our easy online booking form to create appointments or, in Toronto, dial our 647-479-0118 lawyer line. Toll free calls accepted at 1-877-402-4207

You can drop by an Axess Law office nearby you for walk-in notary consultations or to book a time that works for you.


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