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Sometimes conflicts can arise between landlords and tenants. A landlord and tenant dispute can often be stressful, intrusive and interruptive to your already busy work and life schedule. Axess Law is not only well equipped to effectively and efficiently resolve such disputes, but accessible, affordable and ready to meet with you.

For Landlords

Whether your rented property is residential or commercial, Axess Law can confidently aid in resolving your dispute. As a Landlord Representative we can assist you in bringing forth any relevant applications to the Landlord and Tenant Board and preparing comprehensive and robust lease agreements to ensure that you screen for and attract the right kind of tenants.

Our Landlord Services include:

  • Lease Agreements
  • Eviction Notices
  • Non Payment Of Rent / Persistently Late Payments
  • Illegal Activity Within The Premises
  • Interference With The Landlord’s Or Other Tenants’ Reasonable Enjoyment
  • Application For Landlord’s Own Use
  • Prepare, Issue And Serve Garnishments
  • Judgment Debtor Examinations
  • After Eviction: Small Claims Case

For Tenants

Are you unsure of your rights as a tenant? Are you being illegally mistreated or evicted from your home? Landlords and tenancy agreements can sometimes be intimidating, unclear and make unlawful requests from their tenants. Our legal representatives at Axess Law will assess your situation and happily assist you in making you feel at home again.

Our Tenant Services include:

  • Illegal Evictions
  • Poor Maintenance Or Repair
  • Improper Landlord Entry
  • Interference By Landlord With Tenant’s Reasonable Enjoyment

Residential Lease Agreement


Do you have an apartment that you would like to rent out? Are you looking for the perfect tenant to move into your rental unit? It’s not enough to simply find a responsible and trustworthy tenant for your rental unit, you have to take steps to protect yourself and your property. Come into Axess Law today and we will draft your Rental Agreement, outlining landlord and tenant rights and obligations. Cover all of your bases and protect your property with Axess Law’s comprehensive Rental Agreement.

Small Claims Court

Has another party refused or simply ignored to reimburse you for what you are owed? You may choose to bring a claim against them and sue them for up to a maximum of $25,000.00 in the Small Claims Court of Ontario. Call or email Axess Law today in order to discuss the details of your case. Our litigation team will consult with you and advise of the next legal steps.

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