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Our Family Lawyer Services

Family law is made simple at Axess Law. Our affordable family lawyers (Toronto and area):

  • give independent advice on legal options
  • draft prenuptial or cohabitation agreements
  • make marriage contracts
  • advise on separation or uncontested divorce
  • write foreign divorce letters for Ontario couples.

Independent Legal Advice - Ontario

Get independent legal advice (ILA) when you cohabitate, separate or divorce. Before you sign documents that affect your future, ask Axess Law for our opinion in writing. You'll be glad you did.

What is ILA?

Axess Law's ILA certificate informs family court judges you:

  • have advice from your own lawyer
  • aren't being coerced, unduly influenced or forced to sign documents that affect family or legal rights
  • understand what you are agreeing to.

Protect Legal and Financial Interests

Breaking up is emotionally taxing. Intentionally or not, your spouse or their lawyer may omit important details of legal contracts you are asked to initial. For example, you could be asked to waive parts of a perfectly valid marriage contract, cohabitation agreement or separation papers. Can you really afford to go to court later to protect your interests? 

Low Cost Lawyers You Can Afford

Free advice you get by calling a lawyer line is not the same. Independent legal advice consultations are brief -- only 30 minutes or less in person or online -- and affordable. We take your information and then write an opinion for you and the court. Our cheap lawyers (Toronto and area) can issue an ILA certificate for an all-inclusive fee of just $349.99. 

What You Get

It's well worth the small investment independent legal advice in Ontario costs. We:

  • review marriage or separation agreements
  • examine marriage contracts
  • advise you on legal documents
  • review financial disclosures
  • and answer family law questions.

You get a signed certificate of independent legal advice for Ontario family court.

Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter

Remarry in Ontario after a foreign divorce by submitting a legal authorization letter. An Axess Law foreign divorce opinion letter is the first step in planning your new life together.

Is Your Foreign Divorce Legal?

How do you divorce a spouse who is in a foreign country? Legally, we hope.

If you were previously granted a divorce outside Canada, it may not be recognized in Ontario if:

  • your spouse didn't notify you
  • the divorce is contrary to public policy
  • a foreign court lacked jurisdiction to grant the divorce
  • or fraud occurred.

Regardless of religious practices where you or your spouse are from, Canadian law doesn't allow multiple spouses. A foreign marriage may not be valid here and that could affect your divorce status.

What You Get

A legal opinion from an Axess Law divorce lawyer helps the marriage office decide if your divorce is legal in Canada. Our licensed family lawyers talk with you about your divorce, then draft a foreign divorce opinion letter to give the marriage office.

Our Low Flat Fee Rates

Our Toronto divorce lawyers are affordable -- just $349.99 for a divorce opinion letter. We video conference with you anywhere in Ontario for social distancing. Or you can pop by our open law offices near you in Greater Toronto Area. Appointments require just minutes of your time. We review local divorce laws and invite you back in a week or so to sign and collect your legal opinion.

Rush Your Request

Applying to remarry in Ontario takes about four weeks. Plan well ahead or ask our Toronto divorce lawyers to expedite your letter if you're in a hurry. Just let us know your intended wedding date.

What We Need

Click here for a list of documents to bring with you to your Axess Law appointment. Don't have time for a video call or office visit? Mail us your documents instead. Our licensed divorce lawyers will review your marriage and divorce papers and submit our opinion directly to the marriage office in one easy step.

Uncontested Divorce

Avoid expensive, lengthy court encounters with an uncontested divorce in Ontario. When your spouse agrees on all the issues, uncontested divorce is a quick way to end your marriage. 

Axess Law family lawyers (Toronto and area) start or respond to simple divorce applications, making it easier for you to go on with your life. You can remarry as soon as your decree absolute (final divorce papers) arrive.

Who Can Get an Uncontested Divorce

Couples who live separate and apart for a year or more can apply. You or your spouse can file the application. As long as the judge finds no outstanding issues, your divorce is complete in around four to six months. 

Separation agreements are recommended but not required. You can even arrange a trial separation in Ontario. If your spouse wants to reconcile, you have up to 90 days to reconsider. Your divorce application is not affected, as long as you decide before then.

International divorce in Canada is more involved -- we refer you to trusted legal partners for advice.

Decision Making Made Easier

Decisions are simpler with uncontested divorces. You agree how to equalize or divide shared property and assets and who gets exclusive possession of matrimonial homes in Ontario. You can decide spousal support now or, if preferred, go to court later. Courts still require parenting and child support plans. Axess Law advises you on drafting parenting plans based on children's best interests.    

What if My Spouse Objects

Spouses can change their mind and opt for a contested divorce after applying. Axess Law refers you to trusted legal partners for complicated divorces.

What's New in Divorce Law

Canada's Divorce Act was updated March 1. Recent Divorce Act 2021 changes:

  • Call access "parenting time" and custody "decision-making responsibility".
  • Make contact orders for non-parents. 
  • Better protect families from family violence, threats or coercion. 
  • Make children's best interests -- physical, emotional and psychological safety, security and well-being -- the court's only consideration.
  • Require your spouse to inform you in advance if they move or relocate your children. 
  • Resolve family disputes outside of court, where safe -- we can refer you to family mediators. 

Axess Law family lawyers make a difficult time easier with quick and accurate legal advice.

Why You Need a Lawyer

Uncontested divorces sound simple, but you may need to file legal documents or answer court questions. Uncomplicate your divorce by leaving it to our licensed legal professionals. 

Axess Law has a family divorce lawyer near you who can ensure court deadlines are met and give legal advice as needed. You pay only $699.99, plus court fees of about $632, for a cheap divorce lawyer (Toronto and area).

When you’re not sure divorce is the right solution, we help arrange a legal separation in Ontario. Divorce is costly. We make referrals to family mediation if you want to explore your options.

Book Online 7 Days a Week, Day or Evening

We have Axess Law locations near you with long hours, 7 days a week, for your convenience. Check out our Greater Toronto Area retail locations. Our easy online booking form lets you choose from times and dates that fit your schedule. Call our 1-647-479-0118 lawyer line to make  in person appointments. We arrange online video calls or and have mail-in services for simple divorces. Toll free calls accepted at 1-877-407-4207. We have onsite parking and easy bus access.


Very good service and very understanding team.. Great work and very quick .. our lawyer was very helpful and supportive.. thank you

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It was simple and easy! I was greeted well and the dealing was professional. Highly recommended

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Pratheeb Uthayakumar thank you for doing my foreign divorce opinion letter exceptionally quick and easy I can’t believe I didn’t find him sooner! Highly recommend him

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