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Dealing with separation, divorce, or child custody can be some of the most stressful events of a person’s life. We work hard to make this experience easier by empowering our clients to make informed decisions. Our lawyers will guide you through the entire process with compassion and understanding, while still aggressively protecting their rights. At Axess Law, we make family law easier to understand and know that each case is unique. Our team of lawyers gives you expert guidance on matters such as a prenuptial agreement, separation, or divorce. Whether you are seeking independent advice on what options you have or need guidance on cohabitation, we are here to help.

Types of Family Law Services

Independent Legal Advice​

Get independent legal advice (ILA) when you cohabitate, separate, or divorce. A family law agreement can affect important rights like parenting, financial, or property rights. Our lawyers review your documents, explain the agreement, and advise you on whether it is safe to sign or not.

Foreign Divorce Opinion Letter​

Axess Law family lawyers have hands-on experience handling foreign divorce cases. When you marry outside Canada, your divorce will be subject to foreign laws. Axess Law provides you legal opinion letters that confirm you are legally divorced or verify a foreign marriage was annulled.

Uncontested Divorce​

Uncontested or simple divorces allow you to bring marital relationships to a close without spending long hours in court. Axess Law family lawyers understand that every divorce case is unique and provide tailored legal help to each. We start and respond to simple divorce applications, making it easier for you to go on with your life.

Domestic Agreement​

A domestic agreement is a formal, written agreement between two partners. It can state matters such as finance, child custody, or assets. Axess Law family lawyers meet you in person or online to discuss your relationship and draft domestic agreements to suit any family or financial circumstances.

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Axess Law gives you the choice of booking an online or in-person appointment. Our lawyers are available 7 days a week, including evenings. We can meet in person, by phone, email, or via a remote video call. Axess Law offices have onsite parking and are easily accessible by public transit.

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Some FAQs

Family law is made simple at Axess Law. Our affordable family lawyers (Toronto and area):

  • give independent advice on legal options
  • draft prenuptial or cohabitation agreements
  • make marriage contracts
  • advise on separation or uncontested divorce
  • write foreign divorce letters for Ontario couples.

You get a signed certificate of independent legal advice for the Ontario family court. Our family lawyers:

  • review marriage or separation agreements
  • examine marriage contracts
  • advise you on legal documents
  • review financial disclosures
  • and answer family law questions.

If you were previously granted a divorce outside Canada, it may not be recognized in Ontario if:

  • your spouse didn’t notify you
  • the divorce is contrary to public policy
  • a foreign court lacked jurisdiction to grant the divorce
  • or fraud occurred.
If you are a part of a couple who live separately and have lived apart for a year or more, you can apply. You or your spouse can file the application. As long as the judge finds no outstanding issues, your divorce is complete in around four to six months.
Spouses can change their minds and opt for a contested divorce after applying. Axess Law refers you to trusted legal partners for complicated divorces.

Canada’s Divorce Act was updated on March 1. Recent Divorce Act 2021 changes:

  • Call access “parenting time” and custody “decision-making responsibility”.
  • Make contact orders for non-parents. 
  • Better protect families from family violence, threats, or coercion. 
  • Make children’s best interests — physical, emotional, and psychological safety, security, and well-being — the court’s only consideration.
  • Require your spouse to inform you in advance if they move or relocate your children. 
  • Resolve family disputes outside of court, where safe — we can refer you to family mediators.
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