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How to Appoint an Estate Trustee the Right Way

So you need an estate trustee. Who better than a close relative or family friend who knows you well. Surely they have only your best interests at heart? As experience can prove, someone you trust may not be the best person to manage your estate when you die. Making a Simple (Not So Simple) Will…Read More

Beginner’s Guide to Trusts and Trustees

Making a Testamentary Trust or Living Trust Estate planning can save your family from nasty surprises. By making a personal trust now, you can control how assets are managed while you are alive or after death.     Financial Planning for Capital Assets or Income It’s reassuring to know your estate will be faithfully distributed when you…Read More

Should You Include Your Ex-partner in Your Will?

Let’s see. You moved out their belongings, deleted them from Facebook. Have you forgotten anything? The last thing on your mind could be your will. For separating or divorcing couples, it may be one of your most important decisions. You Still Love Them Many divorced or separated couples still love each other. The chance you…Read More

A Complete Guide to Appointing an Executor

If you had to choose anyone to manage your money after you died, who would it be? Your executor of course. Your executor carries out your final will and testament. You can appoint one or more executors (also called personal representatives). Choose carefully so you can rest easily. Is an Estate Trustee Different from an…Read More

How to Change an Estate Trustee in Three Easy Steps

Before Frankie died, he appointed his older brother Ted as his estate trustee. Their sister Cait was dumbfounded. Ted liked to drink and play the tables in Vegas. Settling Frankie’s estate has been dragging on for two years now. Ted brags about spending Frankie’s money. Cait wonders how much is actually left. She plans to…Read More

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