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Wills & Powers of Attorney

All will and power or attorney related posts.

6 Reasons You Need a Will

You Can Decide Who Will Manage Your Estate Managing an estate should be left to someone who is honest and well organized. This person is called your Executor. Without a Will to guide them, the courts will select an Executor on your behalf. The person chosen might not be the person you would have chosen…Read More

Wills and Your Spouse

If you’re married or common law, you may be curious about what kinds of wills are available for you and your spouse. Likewise, you may wonder how a marriage or divorce affects a will, since, believe it or not, a change in your marital status can cause drastic changes to your will. To understand better…Read More

Powers of Attorney (PoA): What Are They?

What is a Power of Attorney and Why Do I Need One? A power of attorney is a legal document in which one person (the donor) appoints another person (the attorney) to make decisions on their behalf if they’re unable to. PoA’s can be extremely useful and versatile. For example, if you’re leaving the country…Read More

Wills and Your Children

How Do I List My Children on my Will? When leaving gifts to your children in your Will, the full legal name of each child should be included. Sometimes, parents don’t want to leave anything to one of their children. In this case, it is best practice to specifically state in the will that you…Read More

Wills Dictionary

Similar to many legal documents, wills often contain confusing technical terms that may be difficult to understand. Luckily, a quick look at some of these terms and their definitions will improve your overall understanding of wills and make you more confident in the will-making process.  Testator: The testator is the individual making the will. The…Read More

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