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Who Owns Your Life? Medically Assisted Death in Ontario

Euthanasia, assisted suicide, death with dignity. MAID (medical assistance in dying) comes in many forms. If ever you’ve been curious about what it takes to end your life voluntarily in Ontario, read on. Whose Body Is It? The Sue Rodrigeuz Story Canadian women have been testing the boundaries of assisted death since Thornhill resident Sue…Read More

Making Your Final Wishes Perfectly Clear

Estate planning is under scrutiny after an Ontario court overturned a beneficiary designation. The deceased’s final wishes were left to the court to interpret, much to the surprise of his twin sons. Make sure your final wishes are perfectly clear to avoid their fate. Twin vs. Twin — Who Gets the Proceeds Any parent knows…Read More

Getting a Death Certificate for the Disappeared

Laura Babcock disappeared in 2012. It took her grieving Toronto family seven years to get a death certificate for the 23-year-old. Her case was a landmark for families struggling to prove a loved one is gone to settle their estate. Love Triangle Led to Death Babcock was couch surfing in the summer of 2012, after…Read More

Could You Be an Estate Trustee?

Oh, the trouble estate trustees get themselves into. Proceed with caution if you’re asked to be a personal representative or administrator when a family member or acquaintance dies. You could be hauled into court for sloppy bookkeeping. Passing of Accounts Trustee’s Duty Ontario law requires estate trustees to keep complete and accurate records of a…Read More

Who Cares for Kids When You Die Without a Will

You planned to make a will last year. Oh well, you’ll do it next month. Hopefully you’ll get to it in time, before life happens. No Will Creates Legal Limbo Most parents want to be there for their kids. Dying “intestate” (without a personal will) plunges your family into crisis and leaves your kids in…Read More

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