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COVID-19 and Remote Closing for Realtors

Your world has changed in so many ways since COVID-19. What Does COVID-19 Mean for Realtors? Wouldn’t you know it: real estate sales were off to a record start in 2020. Mortgage rates were looking good. Then Ontario came to an abrupt halt on Friday, March the 13th. Home sales may have slowed, but that…Read More

Buying or Selling: Why You Need a Real Estate Lawyer

Your offer has been accepted. You’re ready to move in. You sold your Toronto condo. Finally, you got the price you wanted. The deal is done.  Wait a minute.  Why Do You Need a Lawyer? No one likes reading fine print. That’s why you hire a lawyer. They do it for you. They’re pros at…Read More

Your Lawyer’s Role in Your Mortgage Transaction

If you’ve decided to become a homeowner, you may be considering obtaining a mortgage to finance your home. If you do, you’ll be joining millions of Canadians in doing so. While extremely common, mortgages are also complex and can be challenging to understand. Having a number of professionals walk you through your mortgage commitment is…Read More

What is the Foreign Buyers Tax (Non-Resident Speculation Tax)?

The Foreign buyers property tax, or Non-Resident Speculation Tax (NRST) is a term thrown around a lot in real estate. There’s often confusion about what it is and who it applies to, so here’s an overview of the tax. What is it? The Non-Resident Speculation Tax, referred to as “NRST” by most people, is a…Read More

The Wording of a Home Inspection Clause Can Cost you Thousands of Dollars

Real Estate transactions in Ontario are usually dependant upon one or more conditions, one of which is commonly a home inspection condition. This means that if the buyer finds serious issues with the seller’s property, they may be entitled to walk away from the purchase. Surprisingly, while this condition is found in the majority of…Read More

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