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Patent Your Innovation in Canada

Inventions may be a dime a dozen but patents aren’t. Your next new thing must conform to Canada’s Patent Act and Patent Rules to get approved. Before you book your Dragon’s Den appearance, you’ll need a patentable subject that is novel, useful and not obvious, and a patent agent.  What Could Possibly Go Wrong Budding…Read More

Marry Your Sweetheart in a Foreign Country

Marrying in a foreign country sounds so romantic. Sipping coconut rum in Bangkok, cruising on the Rhine, on safari at Kruger National Park. Now you’re living the dream. Love is in the Air Sebastian and Han are determined to get married overseas. When Han’s medical sales job takes him to Switzerland for a surgical convention,…Read More

Changing a Corporate Name — 9 Who Did

Aunt Jemima pancake mix, Uncle Ben’s rice, Darlie toothpaste. The list of corporations changing popular brand names is growing. Outdated or racist stereotypes are just one reason big companies make the switch.  1. Say Goodbye to Eskimo Pie  The producers of the nostalgic ice cream treat Eskimo Pie are the latest to give their heads…Read More

4 Must Haves in Court Affidavits

We understand emotions may be running high in your legal dispute. Ontario court judges are used to it. They have empathy for the high emotional cost of court battles. While you may be madder than a wet hen, an affidavit is not the place to tell the world about it. Before you draft an affidavit…Read More

Cannabis, Tobacco and Vaping: Know Your Rights

Is your legal defence going up in smoke? Could be you’re treading water when it comes to Canada’s and Ontario’s changing smoking and vaping laws. Unless your lease is grandfathered, smoking or vaping anything is out in many rental or condo buildings and public areas.  How the Law Has Changed Anti-smoking activists have been protesting…Read More

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