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Settle a Dispute Without Going to Court

Lawsuits are expensive. Instead of suing, you could negotiate, mediate or arbitrate. Alternative dispute resolution, or ADR as it’s called, is fast, inexpensive and can help you get to a happy place.  Winning is “Easy”, Collecting is Not Here’s the other thing about going to court. Even if you win, you still have to collect….Read More

Stop a Fraudulent Will

Your happy life is turned upside down when your favourite uncle’s will is altered at the 9th hour. Suddenly, the will you were shown just last year seems out of whack. You can hardly believe what you’re reading. Pages are gone and the signature is fuzzy. Your relative’s new companion has been left his entire…Read More

Three Times You Need a Virtual Notary

Making appointments with local lawyers isn’t always convenient. Who wants to beat traffic and apologize to the boss just to get to a lawyer’s office on time? Ontario virtual notary publics take the headache out of getting documents authenticated. You can join by video call from almost anywhere, using a smartphone, computer, laptop or tablet….Read More

Odd and Illegal Baby Names Around the World

Only Canadian singer Grimes and entrepreneur husband Elon Musk could call their newborn baby boy X Æ A-12. Temporarily anyway. California disallowed the original name, pronounced “Ex Ash A Twelve” or “Ex Aye Eye”, for violating state naming laws that exclude numbers or symbols. The Space X founder’s choice wouldn’t have gotten off the tarmac…Read More

Who Are You? Proving Your Identity

When Samuel L. Jackson asks “What’s in your wallet?” on Capital One TV commercials, he’s serious. So serious he blasted a U.S. anchor on air who mistook him for black actor Laurence Fishburne. (BTW, Fishburne is the face of KIA cars.) All confusion aside, who hasn’t worried that their VISA or Mastercard will wind up…Read More

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