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Step-parenting Obligations for Child Support

What’s yours is mine. Including the step-children. As long as you “stand in the place of parents”, you are obligated to pay child support when your marriage goes sideways. How Did You Become Liable for Child Support? Canada’s Divorce Act makes you responsible for any “child of the marriage”. The in loco parentis test includes…Read More

What to Do if Your Ex-Spouse Won’t Respect Your Parenting Rights

Most parents love and want to see their children after separation or divorce. Unless they are violent or abusive, the courts concur. That doesn’t mean your ex will co-operate. Your Ex is Blocking Access, What Now? It’s Saturday morning and you’re excited about taking the kids for pizza and surfing at the wave pool. Sure…Read More

How Long Will You Have to Support an Ex-spouse?

For better or worse. Spousal support is like that. When a marriage doesn’t work out, you or your ex-spouse or partner can expect to make ongoing support payments. Sometimes for life. Why Spousal Support May be Granted When it comes to assets or income, not all marital relationships are equal. Some spouses bring more financially…Read More

How to Get Documents Witnessed the Right Way

You’re thinking of asking a friend to witness your signature. Will the document stand up in court? What are you getting yourself into anyway? You take a chance signing anything at all. A better and the right way is to use a notary public. When to Use a Notary Public, Not a Friend Births, adoptions,…Read More

Six Things Your Lawyer Doesn’t Tell You

Sure your lawyer’s nice. Have you gotten too comfortable? Here are six things your family lawyer may not be telling you: 1. You can get many legal services in Ontario way cheaper. Full service Ontario lawyers charge $165 an hour and up. You can expect to pay two to three times as much for an…Read More

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