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Family Law Service Write Ups

Introduction Axess Law gives you peace of mind in family matters. We can explain your options or guide you through prenuptial agreements (marriage contracts), cohabitation agreements, separation or divorce. Call us today to book an appointment at one of our convenient locations. We’re open 7 days a week, at hours that work for you. Independent…Read More

Can you be forced to sign a pre-nup?

Your fiancé wants a prenuptial agreement before you marry. Do you have to sign? The short answer is no. Canadian law is based on informed consent – meaning you understand and agree with what you are signing. You can’t be forced to sign anything in Canada.  Being pressured is another matter. If you are from…Read More

Grandparents’ rights in divorce or separation

Feeling shut out of your grandkids’ lives since their parents’ separation or divorce? Thanks to legal changes, you could be spending a lot more time with your loved ones. Fortunately, most provinces and the federal Divorce Act now recognize grandparents have a special place in children’s lives. That gives you the right to argue for…Read More

Six Rights if Your Common Law Relationship Ends

Your relationship is over. Now you ask what about your rights and responsibilities? Common law or conjugal relationships are pretty similar to marriage. If you are financially supporting a partner, had an intimate relationship for three or more years, share household expenses and have or care for children, yours could qualify as common law. Here’s…Read More

Your Civil Divorce Guide

You know separation and divorce are stressful. But did you know there is a way to de-stress your distress? You and your partner or spouse have already agreed to split. Why spend your time quarreling over the details? You can get on with your lives quicker with a civil divorce. It’s kinder and cheaper. New…Read More

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