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What to Do When There Are Two Wills

Oh the confusion. Your deceased parent has left behind what you think is their final will — until you discover a second will disinheriting you. That’s what happened to two Ontario brothers. Deciding if a Second Will is Legally Valid Their lawsuit in Ontario Superior Court of Justice was based partly on their stepfather’s mental…Read More

What to Do If You Can’t Afford a Funeral

Two of the most important days of your life could cost you a small fortune. The truth is, if you haven’t budgeted $50,000 for getting married and dying, you’re just treading water. The best is yet to come. Canadian Brides Are Deep in Love and Debt Wedding Wire estimates the average millennial wedding cost $29,450…Read More

Stop Elder Abuse Before the Will Gets Changed

You couldn’t make it up if you tried. A fraudster talks your elderly parent into changing their will at the last minute. Before you know it, a lifetime of your parent’s hard work and savings is in some scoundrel’s pocket. What if that scoundrel was a relative or respected caregiver? Financial Abuse of Elders Not…Read More

Reduce Estate Fees with a 30-Day Survivor Clause

Star Wars fans and admirers were shocked when Princess Leia, actor Carrie Fisher, suffered a massive heart attack aboard a United Airlines flight two days before Christmas Day 2016. Her mother, America’s Sweetheart Debbie Reynolds, tweeted her appreciation to fans and friends the next day. “I thank you for your prayers & good wishes,” her…Read More

Protect Your Final Wishes to be Buried vs Cremated

Good grief. You want to be buried when you die but just heard your final wishes could be overturned by an executor. Is it true or can you go out the way you planned? Burial Costs in the GTA The traditional family plot is becoming a thing of the past, Ontario funeral directors say. That’s…Read More

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