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We're ready to help you through these uncertain times with a full suite of virtual legal options including online real estate closings, will appointments and notarizations as well as selected office hours. Find out what steps we're taking to continue to serve you safely Learn more.

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How to Get Documents Witnessed the Right Way

You’re thinking of asking a friend to witness your signature. Will the document stand up in court? What are you getting yourself into anyway? You take a chance signing anything at all. A better and the right way is to use a notary public. When to Use a Notary Public, Not a Friend Births, adoptions,…Read More

Six Things Your Lawyer Doesn’t Tell You

Sure your lawyer’s nice. Have you gotten too comfortable? Here are six things your family lawyer may not be telling you: 1. You can get many legal services in Ontario way cheaper. Full service Ontario lawyers charge $165 an hour and up. You can expect to pay two to three times as much for an…Read More

What is Undue Influence Anyway?

When “Frank” died in 2011, he left his house to his common law wife. She had cared for him until his death. His son and daughter-in-law were shocked. They expected to inherit the house. While their relationship had been strained, recently they had reconciled. They accused his new wife of undue influence.  The court decided…Read More

Sealing Your Real Estate Deal: The Signing Appointment

Oh the paperwork! Buying a home seems pretty complicated. No worries. A real estate lawyer can take all the confusion out of your new home purchase. Imagine if you could make it even simpler, by sealing the deal by phone, email or video call. (Once COVID-19 social isolation rules ease, you can meet with a…Read More

Can You Cancel a Real Estate Deal Due to COVID-19?

COVID-19 has taken you by surprise. Your job was paused just when you were buying a new home. You’ve heard about force majeure. Could that apply to your agreement of purchase and sale?  The Short Answer Is… It depends. Force majeure is an unforeseeable circumstance. Typically, it’s an “act of God” beyond your control. It…Read More

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