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Flat fee legal services make buying or selling a home or land more affordable. Axess Law arranges virtual real estate lawyers Woodbridge, Ontario homeowners need 7 days a week. Dial Axess Law toll free at 1-877-552-9377 to make your appointment. Axess Law is a virtual Woodbridge real estate lawyer service. 


Real Estate Lawyer Woodbridge

You could pay a lot more for legal services in Ontario — our Woodbridge real estate lawyer uses remote videoconferencing to keep your costs as low as possible. If this is your first time using a virtual real estate lawyer in Woodbridge, Axess Law shows you how to connect using any compatible home computer or mobile device. Axess Law’s remote Woodbridge real estate lawyer service is confidential and secure.

Buying a Real Estate Property in Woodbridge

How much is a real estate lawyer in Ontario? With Axess Law’s Woodbridge real estate lawyer, you pay a single, all-inclusive fee. Our virtual real estate lawyer in Woodbridge goes over your agreement of purchase and sale for obvious gaps. You can sign and have legal documents witnessed remotely. When you need a lawyer to buy a house in Ontario, we liaise with your realtor and lender to transfer title to your name.


Selling a Real Estate Property in Woodbridge

Sell Woodbridge property with less hassle and fuss. You can use a lawyer who’s a real estate agent in Ontario, or you can use Axess Law’s remote real estate lawyer in Woodbridge. What does a real estate lawyer do for the seller in Ontario? Our virtual real estate lawyer in Woodbridge connects  with realtors to conclude sales transactions. Your Axess Law real estate lawyer in Woodbridge discharges your mortgage and property title, and gives you an itemized, final statement of adjustments.

Refinancing a Real Estate Property in Woodbridge

Break a mortgage you no longer want by refinancing with a different lender. Refinancing before the term expires can incur prepayment penalties. Check your mortgage contract before committing to a change of terms.

When you’re comfortable you’ve made the right decision, Axess Law’s virtual real estate lawyer in Woodbridge can contact your lender for their directions on preparing your new mortgage documents.

About Woodbridge

Woodbridge is the authentic experience for Italian food and culture lovers. Nestled in the heart of Vaughan, the affluent Humber River Valley suburb boasts a large Italian population. It’s a community in transition. Grand, 19th-century Classic/Greek Revival and Victorian heritage homes  might sit just blocks away from modern row houses. Green refuges from city life can still be found in the one-time agricultural village. Boyd and Kortright Centre conservation areas are perfect for hiking or picnicking. Just as impressive is the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, a 40.46 hectare site with Group of Seven and Inuit art treasures to explore. 

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Your Axess Law real estate lawyer in Woodbridge can video conference with you 7 days a week, at your convenience. Our virtual real estate lawyer in Woodbridge makes it easier to solve your legal problems. Timely legal advice and low flat rate legal services — make your appointment by dialing 647-479-4118, toll free to 1-877-552-9377, or use our online booking form to find a remote real estate lawyer in Woodbridge. Debit, cash, VISA or Mastercard accepted. Axess Law makes hiring a virtual real estate lawyer in Woodbridge easy.

Some Real Estate FAQs

Toronto’s rental market is dominated by low supply and high demand, which should mean rents  keep rising in future. Toronto is the most expensive rental address in the GTA, but North York, Mississauga, and Oakville are decent runners-up, well worth a look. Size-wise, bachelor units score the highest rents per square metre. 

Record-breaking immigration and temporary migration into the city continue to place pressure on what units exist, explaining why furnished  units are so popular. Urban workers and postsecondary students who fled the city in 2020 are returning too. The combination is positive for landlords, who saw what blogTO called “stratospheric” rent increases in early 2022.

Historically speaking, a RE/MAX analysis of pre-COVID condo investments (2015 to 2019), found an average 13% year-over-year gain for investors. Even with more conservative gains of 5% to 10% annually, investors stand to win by buying underpriced units, targetting transitional neighbourhoods, or following transit lines. A real estate business advisor can calculate specific returns on investment (ROI) for you.

They can and do. Second mortgages take second priority if a lender exercises their power of sale (forecloses). That’s part of the reason second mortgage interest rates are higher. Second mortgage lenders collect on whatever proceeds, if any, are left after the first mortgage, legal fees, realtor commissions, or other expenses are paid. 

Alternatively, the second mortgage holder can buy out your first mortgage, and collect the whole sale proceeds.

Get advice on dealing with mortgage default.

Buying on a busy street has advantages.

  1. You could get more home for less money. Homeowners in noisy, high traffic areas may be open to offers.
  2. Realtors say busy streets have less crime. Vehicle and pedestrian traffic from nearby businesses make it harder for thieves to go undetected.
  3. Fewer door-to-door solicitations. Magazine salespeople and con artists may be less attracted to streets with police patrols or frequent passersby. A California realtor says her colleagues spend less time soliciting new clients on busy streets. They can make a quicker profit in a quieter location.
  4. Best reason yet: Neighbours are less likely to complain about noisy children or pool parties.

Homeowners can agree to share a driveway on both or one parties’ property. That’s the best case scenario. Otherwise, short of building a fence down the middle, a prescriptive easement can be sought from an Ontario court. Proving who owns the right to use the driveway can be tricky. The applicant must show they’ve used the driveway for at least 20 years without the other party’s permission, and need an easement to enjoy continued normal use of the driveway. If the court agrees, the applicant receives a land grant. That requires both parties to share the driveway, with or without consent.

Your Axess Law’s remote real estate lawyer in Woodbridge reviews your agreement of purchase and sale for essential clauses that protect your financial and legal interests. We check for your seller’s right to cancel if a buyer is late with a good faith deposit, or to keep the deposit if the buyer walks away without mutual consent.

Our Woodbridge virtual real estate lawyer amends your contract to change terms and conditions when needed. If a buyer wants minor repairs made or asks to reduce the cost after a home inspection, we negotiate with their lawyer on your behalf.

Axess Law researches title insurance to your property for financial claims or construction liens that can put a hold on sale of your home. We transfer the title to the new buyer, and prepare a final statement of adjustments showing your fees and expenses. Your remote Woodbridge real estate lawyer arranges to collect your house keys, and pass them on to the buyer, concluding your home sale on time and for less than traditional legal services.

Real estate lawyers in Ontario complete the legal documents required to finalize a purchase or sale of a home or land. Concluding a real estate purchase or sale is a legal transaction, separate from the assistance your realtor or MLS listing service gives you. Your home sale or purchase is not valid or legally binding until title to the property is transferred by a lawyer. Your Axess Law virtual real estate lawyer in Woodbridge will calculate land transfer taxes, and adjust property taxes and utility costs so you pay only your fair share. Axess Law’s Woodbridge real estate lawyer checks title to your property for financial claims or construction liens, discharge your mortgage, then hands you the keys.

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