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Axess Law virtual real estate lawyers close your Waterloo home sale or purchase for less, 7 days a week. Dial us any time to arrange a remote Waterloo real estate lawyer for fast, convenient real estate closings. Axess Law is a virtual real estate lawyer service.


Real Estate Lawyer Waterloo

Real deal or time to sell — Axess Law has a virtual Waterloo real estate lawyer near you. Buying a home or buying a cabin is as stress-free as it can be when you use an Axess Law remote real estate lawyer in Waterloo. We have convenient online hours, and our video conferencing software for real estate transactions is secure and confidential.

Buying a Real Estate Property in Waterloo

Realtor deadlines closing in on you — call Axess Law’s remote real estate lawyer service, Waterloo. Our virtual real estate lawyers schedule your closing to meet all your deadlines. We talk to your realtor and liaise with your lender. Your Axess Law Waterloo real estate lawyer  searches property titles for financial or construction liens and transfers title to you. We discharge mortgage documents for real estate sales or arrange for you to sign remotely for new loans, whatever it takes to get you into a new home.


Selling a Real Estate Property in Waterloo

Selling real estate for the first time or downsizing for retirement? Axess Law has a virtual real estate lawyer in Waterloo when you need one. Dial in from your home or office to close Waterloo real estate transactions with ease. You can sign documents remotely, with a minimum of fuss and for less than traditional Waterloo real estate lawyer firms charge. Unsure about a real estate agreement of purchase and sale? We review it to ensure buyers can’t walk away without good reason.

Refinancing a Real Estate Property Waterloo

Refinance once or refinance often with an Axess Law virtual real estate lawyer in Waterloo. Our law flat fees make owning real estate more affordable. Get better deals on interest rates for real estate refinances, or extend your mortgage term with a refinancing offer from a new or existing lender. Prepayment penalties and lump sum payments can reduce your principal quicker, making owning a home less expensive.

If refinancing is on your mind, call an Axess Law real estate lawyer in Waterloo. We have lawyers anywhere you are in Ontario.

About Waterloo

Uptown trekking in The ‘Loo takes you on a fun trip through the home of a Canadian icon. The John Labatt Barley Field, with its hand-forged steel wheat stalks and copper flower heads, sits on the site of the historic Labatt’s brewery. Kitchener-Waterloo is famed for its annual Oktoberfest, the largest festival outside of Germany. Between the nine-day drinkfest, Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, and picnicking at Laurel Creek Nature Centre, Waterloo has plenty happening. The university scene, tech startups, and family-oriented vibe give Waterloo a year-round friendly feel.

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Sign Real Estate Documents by Video

Your Axess Law Waterloo real estate lawyer can video conference with you anywhere in Ontario. Call to talk to real estate lawyers 7 days a week, day or evening, at your convenience. Our online video calls and remote signing services take the work out of closing real estate transactions. Timely legal advice and low flat rate legal services — make your appointment by dialing 647-479-4118 in Toronto (toll free to 1-877-552-9377) or use our easy online booking form to find an in-person or remote real estate lawyer in Waterloo. Debit, cash, VISA, or Mastercard accepted.

Some Real Estate FAQs

Essentially, you make up the difference between the mortgage you want and a real estate asset’s appraised value. Most real estate buyers increase their downpayment, borrow money from a credit line or credit card, or ask a lender for a second mortgage. Bridging the gap can be expensive, and depending on your resources, unrealistic. 

Not having a sense of what a house is worth compared to similar properties in the area is an assured way to get into a real estate financing bind. So are blind bids: making an offer without knowing what other potential buyers have put on the table. Fortunately, buyers could get some relief when Ontario real estate sellers opt into a proposed new open offer system. 

Regardless, look before you leap. Fast paced, hyper exciting bidding wars can lead you down a path that may not work out. Your Axess Law remote Waterloo real estate lawyer makes agreements of purchase and sale subject-to mortgage financing to give you an out if a real estate appraisal doesn’t match your offer. 

Title insurance is widely promoted as a way to protect real estate buyers from title fraud. Compared to the legal hassle of attempting to disprove a mortgage taken out by a stranger is not bona fide, and potentially have to bear up under the payments, it is well worth the modest, one-time fee. Savvy homebuyers pay between $300 to $500 to have their real estate lawyer add title insurance and are covered for the entire time they own a property. 

Title insurance has other benefits. Errors made by land registry offices, property owners, or real estate lawyers can get in the way of your ability to sell your home or add others to a real estate  title. Insurance may compensate you for problems created by errors in registering a title or inaccurate property surveys. Zoning issues, and construction liens or financial holds registered against your property as a result of unpaid or dissatisfied contractors, can also warrant filing a claim against your title insurance plan.

Liens not registered in public records, Indigenous land claims, known title defects, and environmental hazards are not covered by title insurance. Nor are zoning problems you create, such as by building a fence that sits over the property line. Your Axess Law Waterloo real estate lawyer protects you by adding title insurance when we complete your real estate purchase.

Adult-only condos were declared discriminatory under Ontario’s Human Rights Code in 1988. They violate the code’s “family status” grounds. Life lease arrangements are an exception: boards are allowed to place age restrictions on owners, who can then sell or Will their units to other seniors. Unlike freehold condos that are mortgageable, owners pay a lump sum to live in (lease) those units for life.

Unfair though it may seem, they can. Being sick and unable to work, or a drop in income because of a physical or mental disability, can definitely make your lender reluctant to renew. Your bank may be weighing your debts compared to the income information it has on file, or worried current interest rates are higher than you can afford. 

If your lender is working from old pay stubs and your income has improved, offer that information. You may have savings or investments that could be used to reduce the mortgage, and lower your monthly payments that way. You could even ask a family member or cohabitant to co-sign for real estate, although they would be required to qualify and be liable for 100% of the mortgage payments.

You might reassure your bank you can generate additional income by renting part of your real estate holdings, like a legal suite or spare room. Anywhere from 50% to 100% of gross rents minus operating expenses (such as whether tenants pay for heat) can be used to calculate your income to debt ratio.

Having disability insurance of any kind is useful in renewing real estate mortgages, but only if you signed up before you suffered a disability. Short term or disability mortgage insurance from your employer could cover temporary income blips, and long term is helpful if you are unlikely to return to work. Check with your employer and extended life insurer to see if you are covered.

Other than for new condos purchased from builders or developers, generally not. New condo buyers can withdraw their offer within 10 calendar days of receiving the agreement of purchase and disclosure statement. Ask Axess Law to review your contract to see if it has a cooling-off clause.

Having your agreement of purchase and sale reviewed by Axess Law’s virtual real estate lawyers or in person ensures you make an informed decision. We explain all the details before you make legal commitments and point out terms and conditions you may want to alter.

Our real estate lawyers go over condo status certificates for details your realtor skipped over, like whether the reserve fund for major repairs is adequate or if the condo corporation has legal problems.

Building a new home? We have real estate lawyers nearby who can check pre-construction purchase contracts or assignments for sale for legal issues you may encounter.

We make appointments that fit your schedule and your lifestyle. You can drop into an open law office on Sundays or meet online or in person, whenever or wherever works best for you.
Of course! We take VISA, Mastercard, or AMEX and email receipts for your financial records. Pay by phone or online.
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