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Axess Law’s real estate lawyers in Orangeville, Ontario, are available when you are. Ask us how you can use your mobile device or home computer for Canada real estate transactions. Axess Law Orangeville is a virtual lawyer service.

Real Estate Lawyer in Orangeville

You may be surprised at the cost of real estate lawyer fees in Ontario. At Axess Law Orangeville, our fees are low, flat, and all inclusive. When you need a real estate lawyer service in Ontario, our Orangeville virtual lawyers are the perfect, remote work  solution. Axess Law Orangeville emails your mortgage documents, and witnesses your signature online. Our remote lawyers are easy to use, and affordable.

Buying a Real Estate Property in Orangeville

What does a lawyer do when you buy a house in Canada? Axess Law Orangeville adds clauses to new build contracts that protect your financial interests. Our virtual real estate lawyer liaises with mortgage lenders to sign documents you need to finance construction draws. New build home contracts allow contractors to delay delivery for months. Before you sign the agreement of purchase and sale, email Axess Law Orangeville.

Selling a Real Estate Property in Orangeville

Selling for the first time? You need a real estate lawyer. Real estate services can negotiate a better deal, but only a licensed Ontario lawyer can complete home sales transactions. A real estate lawyer helps sellers in Ontario by going over the agreement of purchase and sale. Axess Law Orangeville points out clauses that affect your completion date, and a buyer’s legal obligations to you.

Refinancing a Real Estate Property in Orangeville

Adjust your mortgage interest rate when market conditions change. Rising interest rates can make a real difference in your mortgage payments, reducing the cash you have to accelerate principal payments. Lower the rates you pay by refinancing your mortgage. When you have the mortgage offer you want, contact Axess Law Orangeville. 

Our remote real estate lawyers finalize lenders’ instructions so you have more cash for principal payments.

About Orangeville

Orangeville’s historic charm is on display everywhere. A classic bedroom community, the town is an easy hop from Brampton, and day hikes along the Bruce Trail. Canadian Institute of Planners named its main avenue, Broadway Street, winner of the 2015 Great Street competition in Great Places in Canada. That and the unique Art Walk of Trees Sculptures, carved by 50 local artists from native maples, make the Dufferin County town worth cruising. Between live music downtown and a mini-concert series, capped by the popular Orangeville Blues & Jazz Festival, the town swings in summer.

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Some FAQs

Check your agreement of purchase and sale (APS), or have your Axess Law Orangeville virtual lawyer review it with you. 

While amendments are common in real estate transactions, the buyer and seller must mutually consent to any change after the APS is accepted. Offers to amend are open to being accepted or rejected, and come with irrevocable deadlines. If a deadline passes without acceptance, the amendment is void. All other terms and conditions in the contract remain the same.

Use caution and common sense before proposing any changes. If a buyer perceives you are reopening the contract terms, they may try to terminate the entire APS to negotiate a better (lower) price.

A home’s market value and appraised value are different creatures. A low appraisal may simply mean a lender is being cautious in case they have to sell the home. On the other hand, your offer may be too generous. Let’s look at both.

A realtor’s competitive market analysis (CMA) compares a home for sale to others that have recently sold or been listed in that area. Realtors have a pretty good idea what a home is worth just by looking at its age, size, condition, location, and what it previously sold for. The CMA is what a realtor thinks buyers are prepared to pay.

A mortgage lender, on the other hand, is a party to the title to a property. Lenders have a registered interest or charge on a property. They can take the home if you default, abandon it, or let it fall into serious disrepair.

Consequently, bank appraisals are usually more cautious than CMAs. Assessments are based on a home’s general condition, land value, property size, and interior features. For example, updated plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems get high marks. Appraisers also compare homes to “comps”, three to 10 similar properties on the MLS.


What to do about gaps between what you offered and a lender’s appraisal? You can:

  1. Make up the difference between your offer and what the lender is prepared to mortgage.
  2. Ask the seller to lower their price. 
  3. Get an independent appraisal.
  4. Cancel the agreement of purchase and sale. Be aware you may lose your deposit, and be liable for the seller’s expenses to relist their home, or sued for the difference between your offer and what it sells for. Just be sure you can prove the home was overpriced.

You can and should, and this is why. 

Potential landlord-tenant conflicts are a serious concern for Ontario property owners. reported on a Barrie landlord who called police after being attacked with a broom handle and knife. His was a full-on onslaught. A Windsor property management company says it’s not unusual to get handed the bill for unpaid rent. More distasteful: cleaning up after a tenant who scattered 200 used syringes around his one-bedroom unit. 

At least a criminal record check gives you an idea who you are renting to. Just be sure to get your prospective tenant’s permission on the lease application, or have them submit the police record check. Police record checks don’t tell the whole story. Convicted offenders can apply to have their criminal record withheld or be pardoned.

Private ensuites, walk-in pantries, functional space, and great views are highly desirable for boomers and their Gen X counterparts. Low maintenance is a must for these middle-aged to early seniors buyers (41 to 75).

Boomers and Gen X homeowners are working remotely, or accommodating adult children who’ve moved back. Their aging parents need somewhere to stay. Boomers and Gen X want that secondary suite or backyard granny flat.

Older boomers suffering aches, pains, or arthritis are looking for grab bars in the bathroom, and easy to reach cabinets. Think lower cupboards for the kitchen, with upper shelves for occasional use. Remember to use slip-free surfaces. Ceramic floor tiles may be easy to clean, but the bigger they are…. 

Wider doorways, spacious bathrooms, and easily accessible entryways are in demand. Just avoid making them look like the occupants are living in a nursing home, Ontario Home Builders’ Association president Doug Tarry advises.

Axess Law’s real estate lawyers in Orangeville review your agreement of purchase and sale for essential clauses that protect your financial and legal interests. We check for your seller’s right to cancel if a buyer is late with a good faith deposit, or to keep the deposit if the buyer walks away without mutual consent.

Our virtual real estate lawyers in Orangeville amend your contract to change terms and conditions when needed. If a buyer wants minor repairs made or asks to reduce the cost after a home inspection, we negotiate with their lawyer on your behalf.

Axess Law researches title insurance to your property for financial claims or construction liens that can put a hold on sale of your home. We transfer the title to the new buyer, and prepare a final statement of adjustments showing your fees and expenses. Our remote real estate lawyers arrange to collect your home keys, and pass them on to the buyer, concluding your home sale on time and for less than traditional legal services.

Real estate lawyers in Ontario complete the legal documents required to finalize a purchase or sale of a home or land. Concluding a real estate purchase or sale is a legal transaction, separate from the assistance your realtor or MLS listing service gives you. Your home sale or purchase is not valid or legally binding until title to the property is transferred by a lawyer. Your Axess Law lawyer will calculate land transfer taxes, and adjust property taxes and utility costs so you pay only your fair share. Axess Law’s real estate lawyers in Orangeville check for financial claims or construction liens, and discharge mortgages, then hand you the keys.

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