Real Estate Lawyers Grey County, Ontario

Axess Law in Grey County, Ontario, has all your real estate needs covered. New to Grey County or new to buying a home? Call us for low flat fee legal services. We’re the real estate lawyers Grey County homebuyers and sellers use when they just can’t leave home or office for legal appointments. Axess Law is a virtual Grey County lawyer service.


Real Estate Lawyer Grey County

Finding a real estate service in Ontario’s Grey County doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Your Axess Law Grey County real estate lawyer searches property titles, liaises with mortgage lenders, and closes real estate deals for less than you might normally pay. When you just don’t have time to travel to a lawyer’s office, our remote Grey County real estate lawyer connects with you via our secure, confidential video conferencing services.

Buying a Real Estate Property in Grey County

Restrictive covenants on homes or land you plan to buy can throw you for a loop. Your Axess Law real estate lawyer in Grey County searches title to your  property to advise you how easements or rights of way affect your ability to use real estate the way you want. No need to be intimidated by using a remote Grey County real estate lawyer. Our team shows you how to complete property purchases completely online.


Selling a Real Estate Property in Grey County

Discharge mortgage documents with ease with an Axess Law Grey County real estate lawyer. Our experienced virtual real estate lawyer in Grey County can ensure your financial obligations are paid out in full, on time. Buying and selling on the same day? Your Axess Law Grey County real estate lawyer ensures all your legal documents are ready by the obligatory completion dates. If your buyer has trouble closing on time, we negotiate with their lawyer for you.

Refinancing a Real Estate Property in Grey County

If your home is almost fully paid for, or even if you have many years left to go, refinancing your mortgage can be advantageous. Talk to a mortgage lender about how to use the equity a refinancing could give you for your vacation, education, or long-term investment plans.

Your Axess Law virtual real estate lawyer in Grey County receives your lender’s directions on legal documents you must sign to complete your mortgage refinance.

About Grey County

Rich with history, Grey County vibrates with things to do. Explore the ancient white cedars and unique limestone rock caves at Metcalfe Rock. Get a copy of the Saints & Sinners Bootleggers’ Run map for a tour through wineries, breweries, and museums. Artists’ home studios and glassworks are open for viewing or you can hit the Apple Pie Trail for a taste of local orchards and handmade crafts. Spend winter days skiing, snowboarding, or tubing at Nascar Raceway. Stoney Cedar Hill Park Beach and Centennial Park Beach have great views for a day of swimming or scuba diving in fabulous Grey County.

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Sign Legal Documents by Video

Your Axess Law real estate lawyer in Grey County can video conference with you 7 days a week, at your convenience. Our online video calls and remote signing services take the work out of solving legal problems. Timely legal advice and low flat rate legal services — make your appointment by dialing 647-479-4118, toll free to 1-877-402-4207, or use our online booking form to find a real estate lawyer in Grey County. Debit, cash, VISA, or Mastercard accepted. Axess Law makes hiring a virtual real estate lawyer in Grey County easy.


Some Real Estate FAQs

Having your agreement of purchase and sale reviewed by an Axess Law virtual real estate lawyer or in person ensures you make an informed decision. We explain all the details before you make legal commitments and point out terms and conditions you may want to alter. 

Our Ontario real estate lawyers go over condo status certificates for details your realtor skipped over, like whether the reserve fund for major repairs is adequate or if the condo corporation has legal problems. 

Building a new home? We have real estate lawyers nearby who can check pre-construction purchase contracts or assignments for sale for legal issues you may encounter.

We make appointments that fit your schedule and your lifestyle. You can drop into an open law office in the Greater Toronto Area on Sundays or meet online, whenever or wherever works best for you.

Of course! We take VISA, Mastercard, or AMEX and email receipts for your financial records. Pay by phone or online.

Other than for new condos purchased from builders or developers, generally not. New condo buyers can withdraw their offer within 10 calendar days of receiving the agreement of purchase and disclosure statement. Your Ajax virtual real estate lawyer can review your contract to see if it has a cooling-off clause.

You might negotiate a flat rate fee with your lawyer — Axess Law’s fees are all flat rates — but otherwise, no. 

Closing costs are fixed fees that add as much as about 5% to the cost of a home. They include land transfer taxes, plus Toronto’s municipal land transfer tax, title and fire insurance, and registering title to your property. Legal fees, and your share of property taxes and utilities, are included. 

For high-ratio mortgages with less than 20% down, mortgage default insurance is added to your costs. HST of 13%, minus any rebates you qualify for, is due for new or substantially renovated homes. 

As the closing day draws near, your Axess Law real estate lawyer will contact you to finalize the amount you need to bring to our office to conclude your home purchase. 

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