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In the market for Barrie real estate? Axess Law has real estate lawyers Barrie homeowners can count on to close property transactions on time. Call us today to complete your real estate transaction with a secure, affordable remote video conference call. Axess Law is a virtual Barrie real estate lawyer service. 


Real Estate Lawyer Barrie

Real estate transactions go quicker when you use an Axess Law virtual real estate lawyer in Barrie. Our Barrie real estate lawyer connects with you via video conference 7 days a week, at times convenient for you. Call us for an appointment or go online to schedule your real estate closing. Email us your real estate agreement of purchase and sale. Your remote Barrie real estate lawyer takes it from there.

Buying a Real Estate Property in Barrie

Protect your buyer’s right to a professional home inspection, and to cancel your offer to purchase if the final terms and conditions aren’t to your satisfaction. Your Axess Law real estate lawyer in Barrie reviews your agreement of purchase and sale for essential clauses you may have skipped right over. Need more time? Our remote Barrie real estate lawyer negotiates with the seller’s attorney to amend your legal contract, then wraps up the details to close the deal.


Selling a Real Estate Property in Barrie

Interest rates are in flux. When the pressure’s on to sell your property, an Axess Law virtual real estate lawyer in Barrie can review your agreement of purchase and sale, and amend real estate contracts where needed. We search title to your property for liens that can hold up the sale, and have you sign amendments and finalize closing documents by remote video conference. It’s the convenient way to make your next sale. 

Refinancing a Real Estate Property in Barrie

Refinance existing mortgages to make needed home renovations, or change lenders when your mortgage renewal is up. Axess Law’s virtual real estate lawyers in Barrie prepare refinancing documents from your lender to add a home equity line of credit (HELOC) to your mortgage obligations.

Whether you’re changing banks, credit unions, or trust companies, or switching to a private mortgage company, your remote Barrie real estate lawyer can liaise with your lender to finalize your new mortgage arrangements.

About Barrie

High tech hub Barrie, next door neighbour to resort town Wasaga Beach, wraps gracefully around Kempenfelt Bay on Lake Simcoe. Home of its own mythical Igopogo, Kempenfelt Kelly, and CFB Borden, the ice-fishing destination is surrounded by sweeping grasslands. Summers are alive with outdoor films, music concerts, yachting regattas, and a craft beer and BBQ festival. Festival goers enjoy long, hot summer days, cooled by Great Lakes breezes. Clubbing and shopping in the historic downtown are welcome diversions after a fun day on a nearby ski hill or Nordic trail.

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Sign Real Estate Documents by Video

Your Axess Law real estate lawyer in Barrie can video conference with you 7 days a week, at your convenience. Our online video calls and remote signing services take the work out of closing real estate transactions. Timely legal advice and low flat rate legal services — make your appointment by dialing 647-479-4118 in Toronto (toll free to 1-877-552-9377), or use our online booking form to find a remote real estate lawyer in Barrie. Debit, cash, VISA, or Mastercard accepted. Axess Law makes hiring a virtual real estate lawyer in Barrie easy. 

Some Real Estate FAQs

You may be surprised at how economical an Axess Law real estate lawyer in Barrie really is. Unlike traditional Barrie law firms, we keep our flat rate legal fees low by providing only the real estate lawyer services you need. You could pay $999.99 and up plus HST to buy a home, or $799.99 and up plus HST to sell a home in Ontario (call for current rates or a free quote). You pay no extra charges and have no hidden surprises when you hire an Axess Law virtual real estate lawyer in Barrie. We charge the same low, flat fees regardless of whether you use a virtual real estate lawyer in Barrie, or drop by any of our conveniently located Axess Law offices in Greater Toronto Area or Ottawa.

You can make any arrangement the buyer and their real estate brokerage agree to. Check the real estate commission agreement in your listing agent’s contract to see who pays what. 

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. For example, 1% commissions are often anything but that. Your listing agent gets 1% of the final sales price, and the buyer’s brokerage 2.5% (instead of 2.5% + 2.5%).

Flat rate web services like Purple Bricks can seem like a bargain too. But you could wind up doing everything from arranging photography at your own expense, to pounding yard signs into the grass, and giving showings. 

Realtors don’t work for free. Even private sellers can be asked to pay a commission by the buyer’s agent. Moral of the story: get it in writing before you assume anything.

Not typically. Disputants can apply to a probate court for a preservation order to prevent an estate’s assets, including property, from being sold until a legal action is settled (months or years off). They may even seize the property through a court order. 

Secondly, selling an estate home requires consent from all owners on title to the property. That includes joint tenants and spouses, but only legally married ones. Common law spouses have no property rights except what they’re left in a Will.

As a final point, you can’t do anything before an Ontario court grants legal authority to probate the estate. The same is true for any asset without a named beneficiary. Even if the Will lists you as executor, you must apply to the court for a certificate of appointment of estate trustee. Your Axess Law virtual lawyer in Barrie can prepare the court application for you.

Unfortunately not. A “buyer’s remorse” cooling off period is only available to new construction condos bought directly from a developer. Resale condos are excluded. You are also the only one who can cancel. Developers require a court order, or your consent, to terminate a sales agreement. Either way, they must return your deposit, with interest.

Your 10-day cooling  period starts from the date you receive:

  • a signed copy of the agreement of purchase and sale, or 
  • the disclosure statement, or
  • notice of a material (significant) change to the disclosure statement. 

Your Axess Law virtual real estate lawyer in Barrie can review your agreement of purchase and sale for essential clauses for buyers, like the right to a professional home inspection. Our attorneys check the offer to purchase for the seller’s right to cancel if a buyer is late with a good faith deposit, or to keep the deposit if the buyer walks away without mutual consent.

You can use a virtual real estate lawyer in Barrie to amend contracts to change terms and conditions when needed. If a seller gets a better offer, or a buyer wants minor repairs made, we negotiate with the other party’s lawyer on your behalf.

Axess Law adds title insurance to homes and property to prevent mortgage fraud, and transfers the title from seller to buyer to conclude the sale. Your virtual real estate lawyer in Barrie  prepares a final statement of adjustments showing your fees and expenses, collects your keys, and ensures your real estate transaction is complete.

Lawyers can offer any services they are licenced and qualified to provide. They can trade in real estate without being a realtor if they are providing legal services, such as reviewing agreements of purchase and sale. But unless they own the property, lawyers for Barrie law firms must be licenced as a real estate agent with the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) to advertise, list, or sell homes or land.

Obviously it would be easier if you did. 

But if you just can’t get along, you can have separate listing agents through a co-listing agreement with another real estate brokerage. Be sure to work out all the details in writing, like how much the total commission will be and how it will be paid, who will advertise the property, and arrange showings. Ask how both agents will handle offers, and share information. 

If that doesn’t sound palatable, you could use a single brokerage with dual real estate agents. We only suggest that if you’re confident your agent can maintain your confidentiality, and will act in your best interests alone. 

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