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Choose your service. Select a Personal Will or choose the full package, including Powers of Attorney for Property & Personal care. (details below)

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Select your availability. Weekend & evening appointments are offered too!

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Start Your Video Consultation Session. Log on and you will have your will drafted by your lawyer and ready to be signed by the end of the appointment.

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Save hundreds compared to average legal fees

Take 60 minutes and join 1000's of people making their wills the smarter way.

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Why Use Axess Law?

Save hundreds of dollars

We use smart technology to save our clients hundreds of dollars. On average, our clients save +$600 compared to average legal fees.

Complete peace of mind

Our lawyers walk you through the process from a to z. They personally draft your will, to help prevent any costly mistakes.


Consult with our lawyers from the comfort of your home. No need to take time off of work. Appointments are available weekends and evenings.

On the spot

We pride ourselves on efficiency. At the end of your 60-minute consultation, you will have your completed will ready for signing.

Need more information to help you get started? A member of our team will contact you within minutes.

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