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Wills & Powers of Attorney

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Nine COVID Facts Celebrities Taught Us

Ontario native and Broadway actor Nick Cordero’s courageous battle and death at 40 from COVID-19 reminds us the pandemic discriminates against no one. The virus has brought celebrities’ humanity into sharp focus. Here’s what we know so far about the coronavirus from their experiences. 1. COVID Can Spread Like Wildfire There’s a reason chief public…Read More

Six Most Unusual Burial Rites

No point going out with a whimper when you can do it in style. While you’re drafting your personal will, give some thought to how you’ll make your exit. These clans did in six of the most unusual burial rites ever. 1. Dancing the Night Away Madagascar is known for being exotic in more ways…Read More

Who Gets the House When Your Spouse Dies

Real estate can be complicated, especially when it comes to inheriting. What you put in your will and what happens after you die could be completely different. Making a Will in Ontario The grief dying without a will causes spouses and families is immeasurable. As if the shock of a sudden death isn’t enough, not…Read More

‘Kidpreneurs’ — Getting a Head Start on Estate Planning

The owner of Hannah’s Summer Treats made $65 her first day and $50 on day two. After expenses, she had yet to break even, but she’s got lots of time to catch up. She was five in 2019. Entrepreneurship Starts Early Kidpreneurs are popping up all over North America, thanks to business incubators like Hannah’s…Read More

Who Owns Your Life? Medically Assisted Death in Ontario

Euthanasia, assisted suicide, death with dignity. MAID (medical assistance in dying) comes in many forms. If ever you’ve been curious about what it takes to end your life voluntarily in Ontario, read on. Whose Body Is It? The Sue Rodrigeuz Story Canadian women have been testing the boundaries of assisted death since Thornhill resident Sue…Read More

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