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Legal Advice on Refinancing Your Mortgage

Get a lawyer if you refinance your mortgage. You’ll thank yourself. A lawyer could be the only one 100% on your side. Renewing Your Mortgage With Your Current Lender Normally, you won’t have to refinance when your mortgage loan is up for renewal. You can just wait for your mortgage lender to send you a…Read More

Going Long With Your Mortgage Term

Ten-year mortgages are at 5.6%. Going long can be appealing. Here’s what to expect if you do. Picking a Mortgage Term Obviously, you know this if you regularly buy or sell real estate, but just in case this is your first purchase: the mortgage term and amortization period are not the same. The mortgage term…Read More

What To Do When You Can’t Afford Your Mortgage

Those deferred mortgage payments are ending soon. You dodged a temporary bullet when you lost your job due to COVID-19 or layoffs. No job, no money — what do you do now? Confessing to Your Lender Time’s up. First step if your grief is short-term, talk to your mortgage lender. Your mortgage officer is likely…Read More

Using Your Home as an Airbnb

Crises expose the cracks in society and this one certainly has. Airbnb short-term rental units have flooded onto GTA rental markets as owners scramble to recover financially. What’s New Under 2020 Toronto Regulations No doubt Airbnb owners are hurting. Short-term rentals got shut down between March and June because of COVID-19. Anywhere between 8,000 and…Read More

Get Your Money’s Worth in a Timeshare

Timeshares sure get bad press. Who hasn’t heard the complaining — overlong presentations, high pressure sales tactics, shabby units in far off places. Can it really be all that bad?   Energizer Bunny of Vacation Choices Judging by experiences of some Ontario timeshare owners, they’re the expense that keeps on giving. While owners typically pay between…Read More

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