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What is Property Title?

Property title is the legal term for the registered owner of real property. People listed on title legally own and have the right to occupy and use that property. Title can be held individually or by multiple people. Corporations can also hold title. Holding title Title can be held as: Freehold: Freehold ownership means that…Read More

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Power of Sale

Defaulting on a mortgaged property has consequences. If you’re worried can banks foreclose during COVID-19, here’s our legal advice. Banks can foreclose if you lose your job or take sick time to recover from a pandemic or serious injury. Only your own quick thinking can stall or stop a mortgage default.  Axess Law refinances mortgages…Read More

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Liability of Home Inspectors

Buyers are often concerned that the house they are purchasing is laden with problems, and they as the new homeowners will be burdened with the bill to fix the problems.  Buyers may find comfort by making the agreement for purchase and sale conditional upon a home inspection to the buyer’s satisfaction. This condition should be…Read More

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What is a Construction Lien?

The Construction Lien Act (Ontario) is designed to protect contractors and the trades who work for them by providing a registered interest against land which interest effectively disallows a property owner from re-mortgaging, selling or otherwise using their land without removing the Lien. Liens Must be Registered within 45 Days … The Construction Lien act…Read More

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Chattels Versus Fixtures

You may have heard the terms chattel and fixture thrown around by an Ontario real estate lawyer or agent, but what do these terms actually mean? It is important to understand the difference between fixtures and chattels because Ontario real estate law treats each differently. The general rule in Ontario is that all fixtures become…Read More

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