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Should You Refinance a Mortgage When You Lose Your Job?

A great credit score, a steady job and you could be set for life when it comes to finding a mortgage. Lose your job and refinancing gets a little bit trickier. Sticking with your current lender can be a smart move, but if you must change lenders, here’s how. 4 Reasons to Refinance in Normal…Read More

Living It Up With a Reverse Mortgage

Baby boomers may be the most indebted generation of seniors in Canadian history. Boomers and the “Silent Generation” that preceded them owed over $4 billion in reverse mortgages in 2019. What they’re doing with all that spare change is anyone’s guess. Ski condo at Horseshoe Valley? Trekking around the Himalayas post-COVID?  Reverse Mortgage Uses Your…Read More

Legal Advice on Refinancing Your Mortgage

Get a lawyer if you refinance your mortgage. You’ll thank yourself. A lawyer could be the only one 100% on your side. Renewing Your Mortgage With Your Current Lender Normally, you won’t have to refinance when your mortgage loan is up for renewal. You can just wait for your mortgage lender to send you a…Read More

Going Long With Your Mortgage Term

Ten-year mortgages are at 5.6%. Going long can be appealing. Here’s what to expect if you do. Picking a Mortgage Term Obviously, you know this if you regularly buy or sell real estate, but just in case this is your first purchase: the mortgage term and amortization period are not the same. The mortgage term…Read More

What To Do When You Can’t Afford Your Mortgage

Those deferred mortgage payments are ending soon. You dodged a temporary bullet when you lost your job due to COVID-19 or layoffs. No job, no money — what do you do now? Confessing to Your Lender Time’s up. First step if your grief is short-term, talk to your mortgage lender. Your mortgage officer is likely…Read More

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