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Assignments – When you are the Assignor

Selling a property before you take possession? Axess Law’s real estate lawyers can make it work. When you buy a property, you agree to take possession by a certain date. If you change your mind, you may lose your deposit and be sued. An assignment prevents this by allowing you to sell your interest before…Read More

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Finding a Real Estate Agent

Selling your home? A realtor can make it easier. Licensed realtors assure you of professional, competent service. Always choose a Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) member if you want: honesty and integrity civility co-operation and fairness and personal accountability. Your CREA realtor will know the local market and prices and trends in your neighbourhood. They…Read More

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Private Mortgages

Have you been turned down by a bank or credit union? Do you need to consolidate your debts to get a mortgage loan?  No credit or bad credit is no reason to lose a home or investment property you plan  to buy. High risk mortgages, second mortgages and renovation loans can all be financed by…Read More


Completing your Purchase Transaction

To complete the deal, your real estate lawyer will: search for other owners, liens or rights and restrictions affecting your property’s use transfer the title of the property to you prepare the property deed for signing ensure the seller is paid confirm that the seller’s mortgage is discharged ensure that your mortgage or credit line…Read More


Assignments – When you are the Assignee (Person Receiving the Unit)

Pre-construction purchases are a hot item. Buyers get early bird prices. Builders get needed capital. What happens if a buyer changes their mind? The unit may no longer be right for them. They could be transferred or can’t get financing. Speculators often buy pre-sale units and flip them if the market goes up. That can…Read More

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