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Buying a Residential Lot

Buying a lot to build your own home has its pros and cons. Ask Axess Law when you need a lawyer for a home purchase or have questions about Ontario real estate law. We help you realize your dream of building a home of your own. 4 Ways to Build Your Dream Home  Residential lots…Read More

Buy Fire and Flood Insurance

Buy Fire and Flood Insurance Your home and assets are worth protecting.  Home insurance is such a small part of the price of home ownership, don’t go cheap when you could go big. As Southern Ontario families have discovered, it pays to get the best house fire insurance and flood zone protection you can afford….Read More

Home Purchase Gone Wrong

Buying a resale home can seem like a great deal. Axess Law suggests you look under the hood. You could be getting a lemon — unless you make your next real estate purchase subject to a home inspection clause Ontario. While you may feel pressured to make an offer, especially if there are multiple bids,…Read More

Finding Cheap Properties

Average incomes in some Toronto area neighbourhoods have doubled. Ottawa too, where selling today could affect where or if you can buy a new property anywhere you might want to live. You can still find cheap properties in Ontario’s major cities. You may just have to look at transitioning neighbourhoods to get what you desire….Read More

Buying Matrimonial Homes

Beachside condo in Hawaii or whitewashed cottage on Wasaga Beach — who owns property you buy as a couple or before you marry?  Axess Law can draft prenuptial agreements or marriage contracts if you’re concerned about your matrimonial home rights. What’s Considered a Matrimonial Home – Ontario You think of your matrimonial home as the…Read More

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