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Majority Rules Clauses for Wills Executors

Having co-executors for a Will can make your life easier. Majority rules! Less work for you. Stay diligent. You could be liable for co-executors’ mistakes or misdeeds. It’s up to you to monitor other executors in case they overreach their authority. Appointing an executor is serious business. Before you accept an appointment, make sure you…Read More

Protect Funeral Wishes in Wills

Estate trustees could overturn a loved one’s funeral plans unless they take the extra steps needed to protect their final wishes. Talk to your family today about confirming funeral arrangements in writing.  Why leave close family and friends gravely disappointed when you could plan a funeral their estate can afford? Axess Law includes brief funeral…Read More

Uncontested Passing of Accounts

Managing a last Will and testament for the first time? Be prepared to “pass the accounts” before your work is done. Ontario estate trustees, executors or personal representatives are required to keep accurate records of their actions to show beneficiaries and, if necessary, Ontario probate court. You can also be responsible for passing of accounts…Read More

Removing Executors or Estate Trustees

When probating a Will is going awry, ask Axess Law. Our Toronto probate lawyers can refer you for legal advice on overturning bad or incompetent executors. Your next-of-kin picked someone they trusted to be their executor, personal representative or estate trustee (the duties are the same). And most executors do act quickly and responsibly to…Read More

Valuing Small Estates for Taxes

Valuing Small Estates for Taxes

Probate makes it legal for you to act on behalf of a Will maker. It’s the first step in executing a Will you’ve been given to disburse after death. You apply for consent to act on the Will maker’s behalf. The court decides if it will: make you estate trustee select someone else or appoint…Read More

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