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All probate related posts.

How to Settle a Small Estate

Woe is you for estate trustees faced with settling the estate of a homeless or destitute relative. Everyone deserves to die with dignity. The Torments of Small Estates Until Ontario revised estate administration taxes for small estates, executors could spend huge amounts of time probating next to nothing and pay for the privilege. While probate…Read More

Playing With Fire: Probate an Estate Without a Will

Your common law partner just died without a will. What you do next could determine how well probating her estate goes. Making Decisions in a Family Crisis You’re grieving yourself, but time is moving quicker than a Snapchat message. Between planning the funeral service you think she would have wanted (since she left no directions),…Read More

How to Bypass Probate in Ontario

No one puts all their eggs in one basket these days, do they? Then why do it to your loved ones’ inheritances? When you make all your assets subject to probate, you lose potential tax savings that can increase the value of your Ontario estate. Probate-proof Assets of Your Choice Every single thing you own,…Read More

Seven Step Probate Process

When in doubt, probate. You can probate almost any Ontario estate in just seven steps. 1.  Find and Value Assets. Antiques, collectibles, cars, real estate, memorabilia, jewelery, investments, family photos — it could take months to go through everything. Don’t hesitate to hire appraisers, real estate agents, antique dealers or movers to inventory and store…Read More

Could You Be an Estate Executor?

It’s a big job, but someone has to do it. If that someone is you, good luck. You’re going need an optimistic attitude and nerves of steel. In it for the Long Haul They probably didn’t tell you this when you agreed: being an estate executor, or estate trustee or personal representative as it’s sometimes…Read More

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