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4 Times You Need a Statutory Declaration vs. an Affidavit

Think you need a law degree to figure out the difference between a statutory declaration and an affidavit? Not at all. We dig in to explain it for you. BTW, What’s the Difference? How they’re used for one. Affidavits are used in court. Think of them as written testimony. Instead of giving your testimony orally…Read More

Making an Affidavit When No Will Exists

A close friend promises to remember you in their will, but forgets to make one. Pursue it in court or let sleeping dogs lie? Making a Promise to Gift RRIFs “Reza” (name changed to protect her identity) chose court when a family friend died without writing down instructions for his RRIFs (Registered Retirement Investment Funds)….Read More

How to Get a Sole Support Parent Affidavit When You Live at Home

Trisha isn’t planning on being a parent at 19. FOMO (fear of missing out) takes her to a housing rights rally at Carleton University Centre, where she meets her Bae. “Before anyone else” gives her TFW (that feeling when) every time. She’s pretty shook when Tito comes along. Question is, who’s buying Tito’s baby formula?…Read More

Contest a Will If You Get Left Out

Be careful who you appoint power of attorney (POA) or your will could wind up in court. An Ontario widow’s estate was still wrapped up in litigation 14 months after her death. Altering a Last Will and Testament “Berta” (name changed to protect her identity) was suffering from anxiety when she remade her personal will…Read More

Arrange an Affidavit for an Ontario Student Loan

The joys of going to college. All those applications to fill out and transcripts to retrieve. Who knew you’d need an affidavit too? Applying to OSAP That’s right. If you apply for an Ontario student loan, you could be asked to produce an affidavit or two to support your request for financial assistance. The Ontario…Read More

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