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Mortgage Deferrals

Tough economic times call for tough solutions. When you can’t make your mortgage payments, you may have to: refinance your current mortgage take out a private mortgage to get by or transfer your home to next of kin.  Before you do that, ask your lender if you can suspend or defer your payments with a…Read More

Mortgaging Laneway Suites

Refinance your home to build a laneway suite in metro Toronto.  Axess Law works with your mortgage lender to arrange long-term financing for backyard income properties. Laneway suites are the perfect alternative to burdensome and illegal non-conforming rental units. They’re a reliable mortgage helper for the life of your home. What’s New in Affordable Housing…Read More

Spring Markets and Mortgage Rates

Real estate’s on fire across Canada. What goes on with spring real estate markets and mortgage rates? Like almost everywhere, pent-up demand drives Ontario house prices skyward. Motivated home buyers and sellers save up and the time seems right to buy. Before you jump in or after, if you have questions to ask a real…Read More


Assignments – When you are the Assignor

Selling a property before you take possession? Axess Law’s real estate lawyers can make it work. When you buy a property, you agree to take possession by a certain date. If you change your mind, you may lose your deposit and be sued. An assignment prevents this by allowing you to sell your interest before…Read More

credit squeeze

Private Mortgages

Have you been turned down by a bank or credit union? Do you need to consolidate your debts to get a mortgage loan?  No credit or bad credit is no reason to lose a home or investment property you plan  to buy. High risk mortgages, second mortgages and renovation loans can all be financed by…Read More

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