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All home sale related posts.

Spousal Consent to Sell Homes

Shared assets like matrimonial homes require spousal consent to sell.  Your partner could run afoul of Ontario family law by listing your home without telling you or asking for spousal consent to sell property. Axess Law applies on your behalf for exclusive possession of matrimonial homes after separation or divorce. We refer you to our…Read More

Sell Inherited Property

Inheriting a home or Ontario land takes time.  Be prepared to wait — probate can be slow. You may take possession months or even years after your inheritance is discovered. Axess Law’s real estate lawyers (Ontario) close the sale if you have estate property you no longer want or can afford. We refinance mortgages for…Read More

Selling Waterfront Property

When it’s time to sell your waterfront lot or home, be sure realtors and buyers know the pros and cons of getting a rural property mortgage or mortgage for land. It can save you from downstream legal problems if buyers insist they didn’t know what they were getting into. Transfer Building Permits Property owners are…Read More


Completing your Sale Transaction

To complete the deal, your real estate lawyer will: review the agreement of purchase and sale advise you on tenants’ rights, like move-out terms and security deposits accept the buyer’s funds ensure all property taxes and strata fees are paid pay out your mortgage and realtor’s commission ensure any registered charges, including mortgages, are discharged…Read More


Assignments – When you are the Assignor

Selling a property before you take possession? Axess Law’s real estate lawyers can make it work. When you buy a property, you agree to take possession by a certain date. If you change your mind, you may lose your deposit and be sued. An assignment prevents this by allowing you to sell your interest before…Read More

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