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Who Gets the Investments When You Split

Stocks, bonds and other investments are just some of the family assets up in the air when you divorce or separate. Don’t be overwhelmed if your spouse or partner managed the money. You may be entitled to a tidy sum yourself. Who Owns Family Assets Legally married couples usually own what’s called net family property…Read More

When Your Matrimonial Home is a Gift

You could be couch surfing with friends if your ex gets the house when you split. Your destiny depends on who owns the house and if it was a gift. Whatever Happened to Your Perfect Marriage? Things were going well for you until you separated, you say. You had a nice home in a good…Read More

What to Do When Your Ex Fudges His Income

A separation agreement signed under threat of losing the family home. An ex whose income was way higher than claimed. They combined in Ontario family court to create the perfect storm. The  divorcing couple at the bottom of it both claimed to be the innocent party.   Setting Aside a Separation Agreement  Fourteen years after their…Read More

Pay Off Joint Debts When You Divorce or Separate

It’s raining debt on your divorce plan. Divorce attorneys and family court require full and frank disclosure of all joint debts and assets when you ask for spousal support or apply to a court for child support. Start planning what you will do before debt gets the better of you. Photo by Igor Link|Pixabay. Consolidating…Read More

Going to Family Court for Parenting Time

Don’t get left out in the cold in family court. Starting March 1, 2021, family courts have a new way of referring to the time you spend with your kids when you divorce or separate in Ontario. It’s called decision-making responsibility and parenting time. Making Decisions Alone or Together Family courts expect parents to take…Read More

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