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Family Law

All family law related posts.

Can You Get the Family Home When You Separate?

Q. My common-law husband is seeing someone else. I want out. Can I make him pay the mortgage until our children leave home? A. You can try. Whether you can convince Ontario family court depends on your circumstances. Before you give him his pink slip, make a few notes about your financial situation. What did…Read More

Do You Owe Child Support in a Gap Year?

You didn’t mind supporting your kids when they were young. But paying child support for a graduate who takes a gap year? Taking that decision into his own hands didn’t go as expected for one Ontario father. Arbitration Went Well Until… Mid-divorce is not the time to get creative, Ontario Superior Court of Justice told…Read More

Write Your Own Separation Agreement

Can you write your own separation agreement? Of course. Nothing prevents you from making an informal contract to separate from your spouse. (We’re not saying it’s easy or that you may not need legal advice.) Protect Your Legal Rights A separation agreement simply sets out how you will divide property, care for children and pay…Read More

Share the Family Home When You Live Common Law

Living common law? Be careful what you agree to. Being a common law spouse affects your property rights if you separate.   Common Law Relationship in Ontario You and your husband have lived together forever. Are you common law spouses? It’s not only about how long you’ve been hanging out, although that does matter. Generally, you’re…Read More

7 Myths About Who Owns the Matrimonial Home

Think you own your home sweet home? Think again if you separate or divorce in Ontario. 1. Your Home is Your Castle. Only if you’re legally married. Common-law couples may share the nest, but it’s not a matrimonial home under Ontario’s Family Law Act. Unless you are on the property title or have a cohabitation…Read More

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