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Your Civil Divorce Guide

You know separation and divorce are stressful. But did you know there is a way to de-stress your distress? You and your partner or spouse have already agreed to split. Why spend your time quarreling over the details? You can get on with your lives quicker with a civil divorce. It’s kinder and cheaper. New…Read More

Pre-Wedding Assets

11 Steps to Creating Wealth: Protect Your Pre-Wedding Assets

You’re smart and practical. Make sure your finances are too. Relationship advice is great. But just because you are getting married doesn’t mean you have to give up everything. Here are 11 steps to create wealth by keeping pre-wedding assets safe. Pre-nup or not. Be debt savvy. Get a joint account for shared bills. Keeping…Read More

paying common law

Are You Paying Your Common-Law Partner’s Debts?

We bet you were surprised when your ex-partner’s creditors came after you. Who knew you were liable for her debts? How could that be? Would you be reassured to know most common-law couples don’t think twice about it? Money Advice for Relationships Simply put, you are common-law partners if you have lived together for awhile….Read More

matrimonial home

Who Owns the Matrimonial Home for Separating Couples

What Canadian family court says 1. It depends where you live. Provinces and territories have different legal rules. 2. You can have more than one matrimonial home. For example, your home, cottage and sailboat if you sleep and eat there as a family. 3. A matrimonial home may be your whole farm or only the…Read More

debit card

Paying Spousal Support During Separation

You’ve packed your bags, moved out, moved on. Now there’s just spousal support to calculate. What!? Why should you support your former partner? You have expenses – rent, a car, Internet fees. Your relationship may be over, but the financial obligations aren’t. Like child support, your contributions help a spouse with limited income to survive…Read More

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