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Family Law

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Same-Sex Divorce

Divorce a same-sex partner by consent.  Axess Law arranges uncontested or joint divorce when your spouse agrees to end a legal marriage in Ontario. We have affordable divorce lawyers near you who can: draft separation agreements review prenuptial or marriage contracts and prepare divorce applications for Ontario courts. Who Gets Divorced in Ontario Canada’s Divorce…Read More

Marry a Same-Sex Partner

Marry the one you love.  Share a home you buy or rent together. Have or adopt children if you so desire.  Axess Law helps you make the changes you want in your life.  Why Get Married Same-sex marriage in Canada has its benefits. Besides a companion for (hopefully) life, marriage gives you rights that go…Read More

Same-Sex Prenuptial Agreements

Protect your right to assets you share with a same-sex spouse. Axess Law drafts a prenuptial agreement for Ontario couples. If you neglected this simple task before the ceremony, we create a marriage contract for you. Our family lawyers preserve real property and possessions you acquire together as legally married spouses. We explain your right…Read More

Same-Sex Domestic Contracts

Live common law and protect your rights and assets. Axess Law’s family lawyers prepare domestic contracts for every situation. Regardless of how strong your relationship is now, the day may come when you need your spousal rights in writing. Cohabitate with confidence with Axess Law’s affordable domestic agreements or marriage contracts. If you separate, our…Read More

Divorce in Ontario - Costs

Divorce in Ontario – Costs

You knew divorce was expensive, but the average cost of divorce in Ontario could astound you. Axess Law makes divorcing a partner for life — or however long you were together — much more affordable. You pay only $699.99 plus mandatory court fees of about $600 or more for uncontested divorce applications. Your divorce could…Read More

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