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What is Property Title?

Property title is the legal term for the registered owner of real property. People listed on title legally own and have the right to occupy and use that property. Title can be held individually or by multiple people. Corporations can also hold title. Holding title Title can be held as: Freehold: Freehold ownership means that…Read More

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Wills and Estates – The Basic Structure of A Will

Wills and estates in Ontario are governed by a number of laws. These laws detail everything from how your will must be written, signed, stored, and more. This article serves as a basic guide on everything you need to know about your will and how to distribute your estate. You’ll find there’s a lot of…Read More

Last Will and Testament

A Guide to Your Last Will and Testament

According to a 2018 study, over 50% of people don’t have a last will and testament in Canada. If you’re among that group, then you’ve probably said to yourself – “I’m too young” or “I don’t have enough assets to need one”. In reality, however, many people who should have a will, don’t. Understanding A…Read More

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What Information will my Real Estate Lawyer Need for my Home Purchase?

In Ontario, when you select a real estate lawyer for your home purchase, you will be required to provide the lawyer with a number of materials prior to closing.  Below, we explain what those materials are, how you can obtain them, and why your real estate lawyer will need them. Here’s What You Need Agreement…Read More

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Spousal Consent for your Home Sale

When you sell property, your Toronto real estate lawyer will require that all registered owners sign the transfer documents.   When a married couple buys a home, both parties are generally the registered owners, or on title. When only one spouse in on title, the other is most often required to sign the documents even though…Read More

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