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Get a Travel Letter of Consent for Your Child

Divorce or separation can put a last-minute wrench in your family vacation plans. For smooth sailing all the way, get a notarized travel letter of consent in advance. (Border agents and airlines are less likely to balk when it’s notarized.) Vacations With Kids When You’re Divorced or Separated Taking the kids on cross-border travel excursions…Read More

Six Documents to Get Notarized in Ontario

Identity theft is big business. Protect yours by getting important legal documents notarized by a flat fee notary public. Six documents you really ought to take to an Ontario notary service: 1. Marriage Affidavit Getting married out of province is no big deal unless you need a copy of your marriage certificate in a hurry….Read More

How to Settle a Small Estate

Woe is you for estate trustees faced with settling the estate of a homeless or destitute relative. Everyone deserves to die with dignity. The Torments of Small Estates Until Ontario revised estate administration taxes for small estates, executors could spend huge amounts of time probating next to nothing and pay for the privilege. While probate…Read More

4 Times You Need a Statutory Declaration vs. an Affidavit

Think you need a law degree to figure out the difference between a statutory declaration and an affidavit? Not at all. We dig in to explain it for you. BTW, What’s the Difference? How they’re used for one. Affidavits are used in court. Think of them as written testimony. Instead of giving your testimony orally…Read More

Making an Affidavit When No Will Exists

A close friend promises to remember you in their will, but forgets to make one. Pursue it in court or let sleeping dogs lie? Making a Promise to Gift RRIFs “Reza” (name changed to protect her identity) chose court when a family friend died without writing down instructions for his RRIFs (Registered Retirement Investment Funds)….Read More

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