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Winning Bidding Wars

Winning bidding wars in Toronto is urban warfare. If your clients can live with no-conditions offers and have mortgage pre-approval or cash on hand, they (and you) could lead the pack.  Are Bid Wars Worthwhile? Aggressive sellers with an eye on the bottom line like bid wars for their over- market-value offers and firm bids…Read More

Guide to Buying a New Build Home

When you buy a new build house, you become the first owner. And that has a lot of advantages. No one has lived in the home before you. Finishes, appliances and vanities are brand new. Your home uses the latest, most energy efficient building practices. No outdated wiring, plumbing and roofing issues. Plus, you get…Read More


Stop your lender from foreclosing on you. Axess Law real estate lawyers could save your home from mortgage defaults and other contract breaches with mortgage refinancing. We close the sale if you’re forced to list. Stop Foreclosure No one buys a home or investment property expecting to be foreclosed. Life happens. Mortgage defaults are serious…Read More

Spring Markets and Mortgage Rates

Real estate’s on fire across Canada. What goes on with spring real estate markets and mortgage rates? Like almost everywhere, pent-up demand drives Ontario house prices skyward. Motivated home buyers and sellers save up and the time seems right to buy. Before you jump in or after, if you have questions to ask a real…Read More

Buying a Residential Lot

Buying a lot to build your own home has its pros and cons. Ask Axess Law when you need a lawyer for a home purchase or have questions about Ontario real estate law. We help you realize your dream of building a home of your own. 4 Ways to Build Your Dream Home  Residential lots…Read More

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