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Buying a Condo? Questions You Need to Ask About Reserve Funds

Buying a condo doesn’t have to be intimidating. You just need to know the right questions to ask.  What’s a reserve fund anyway? Good question. Reserve funds cover non-routine repairs or replacement items for common areas like parkades or lobbies. They’re used to repair faulty HVAC systems, replace aging roofs or install new swimming pool…Read More

Court-ordered Forced Sales

Having problems with a spouse or divorced partner who insists on staying in a matrimonial home you want to sell? Don’t let real property issues hold you back. Our trusted legal partners take your case to Ontario family court to get a legal order of forced sale. Ask Axess Law to review your marriage contract…Read More

Getting Justice Over Property Line Disputes

Rude, unneighbourly hijinx can get you in legal hot water. Ontario courts frown on ‘bad neighbour’ type behaviour”. Don’t let it happen to you by getting property line disputes out of control.  Investigate before you invest when you buy or sell Ontario real estate. Axess Law researches your property title for rights of way, liens…Read More

Lapsed Gifts in Wills

Gifts you included in Wills decades or years ago may fail if they are lost, stolen or sold. No matter how well intentioned your bequest was, probate may be caught up or delayed if your estate no longer resembles the Will you wrote. Before you put your Will in a safety deposit box, check it…Read More

Dying During Divorce

Your divorce may be voided if your spouse dies before it becomes legal.  Axess Law Wills and estates (Ontario) lawyers advise you on your matrimonial rights if you are widowed while a divorce order is pending or signed but not yet final. Since the divorce isn’t complete, you are legally still married to your now…Read More

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