For Sale by Owner (FSBO)

So, you’ve decided to go it alone and sell your home yourself. What’s next?

6 Best Practices when Selling Your Home Yourself:

Decide Your Home’s Value

First, figure out your home’s worth. You can ask a real estate agent, buy an appraisal or view homes for sale near you on any number of public websites, some of which exclusively profiles for sale by owner homes..

Stage Your Home

Buy home staging services or glam it up yourself. A clean, uncluttered home and manicured yard create great first impressions. Paint worn out interiors or exteriors. Repair stair rails and decks. Move furniture, toys and books to storage. Clean carpets, drapes and grout. A sparkling bathroom and kitchen can seal the deal when buying a home.

List It

Flat fee listing services charge around $500 to put your home on and MLS, where buyers and real estate agents can view your property details and photos. Be aware, a buyer’s agent will charge you a 2% – 2.5% commission to bring you a suitable buyer. You can also pay a flat fee (based on your home’s value and location) for online marketing without an MLS listing. Facebook and Craigslist are free, but keep your address and personal information private. You’ll need top notch photos to entice buyers.

Take Your Time

For sale by owner sales can save you money but do take some time. Showing your home can take quite a bit of time. Free up your day. Answer phone calls and emails quickly and have facts at your fingertips. If it’s all too much for you, hire a professional realtor to give you a hand.

Get Real

The sale’s the thing. Don’t fuss too much about negative comments. Everyone’s looking for a deal when they’re buying a home. If buyers are really turned off, fix the problem or rethink your price.

Hire Axess Law

You’ve found a buyer. Congratulations! You’ll need a real estate lawyer to close the deal. It’s the law in Ontario. 

Your Axess Law real estate lawyer can:

  • Draft or review your agreement of purchase and sale
  • Search title
  • Discharge liens and mortgages
  • Explain tenants’ rights
  • Prepare closing paperwork, and
  • Protect you from scams or lawsuits.

We’re open 7 days a week and close homes all across Ontario. Contact us for an instant quote when you need a real estate lawyer!

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