Completing your Sale Transaction

To complete the deal with the sale transaction, your real estate lawyer will:

  • review the agreement of purchase and sale
  • advise you on tenants’ rights, like move-out terms and security deposits
  • accept the buyer’s funds
  • ensure all property taxes and strata fees are paid
  • pay out your mortgage and realtor’s commission
  • ensure any registered charges, including mortgages, are discharged from title
  • settle any judgments and liens
  • outline debits and credits owed by the buyer and the seller, such as property taxes or strata fees in a Statement of Adjustments
  • transfer your property title
  • negotiate if problems arise
  • ensure that you have received the agreed upon funds from the buyer
  • finalize all closing documents
  • exchange legal documents and keys with the buyer’s lawyer, and
  • send a final report to you.

Your real estate lawyer’s job is to walk you through the process and explain each step. We are here to answer your questions and ensure your sale takes place as smoothly as possible.

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