Completing your Purchase Transaction

To complete the deal, your real estate lawyer will:

  • search for other owners, liens or rights and restrictions affecting your property’s use
  • transfer the title of the property to you
  • prepare the property deed for signing
  • ensure the seller is paid
  • confirm that the seller’s mortgage is discharged
  • ensure that your mortgage or credit line on your home is registered on title
  • outline debits and credits owed by the buyer and the seller, such as property taxes or strata fees in a Statement of Adjustments
  • ensure that you have received your title insurance policy
  • finalize all closing documents, and
  • send a final report to both you and your lender

Your real estate lawyer will explain each step and answer all of your questions.

We will assist with disputes that may arise, such as your move-in date or what is included in your purchase (appliances, drapes, backyard playset, etc.) and explain each step of the process. Along the way, we will answer any questions you may have and be there to prevent last-minute problems or delays.

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