Check This Before You Buy Waterfront Property

Waterfront property seems like a dream come true. 

Living by a lake, riverfront, or canal has its challenges. Due diligence is the best defence against buying a waterfront property that could flood, erode, or cost more than you intended.

Start by taking a close look at your lifestyle. 

Are you prepared to travel long distances to find waterfront property for sale in Ontario, or do you prefer quick weekend retreats? Do you want a sandy beach, or will a rocky bluff do? Is the kids’ safety paramount, or are they old enough to kayak or fish on their own?

Now decide on a budget. Waterfront property commands a premium. All but the smallest and remotest of lakes may cost you well over $250,000 for a simple cottage or home. Waterfront property for sale in Ontario communities like Kawartha Lakes can run  more like $600,000. 

When to make a firm offer in real estate. 

What’s Up With Waterfront Property for Sale in Ontario 

Now you’ve defined what you want, here are some little known truths about buying waterfront property for sale in Ontario.  

  • Sandy shorelines are prone to erosion from waves. You may have to pay for breakers, retaining walls, or to bring in sand. 
  • Climate change could put your waterfront property under water. Saltwater can eat away at your cottage and dock. Invest in quality materials, and do your research on what the shoreline or riverfront may look like 25 years from now.

Checklist for offering over asking price in Ontario. 

  • Flood zones and wetlands near riverfronts or marshes call for special building measures. That can involve sump pumps, water treatments, or high water table management and the like. Flood insurance is extra.
  • Your land may be leased, not freehold. Leasehold properties take longer to sell because your only asset is your home. Then there’s the cost of the monthly lease payments. 
  • Digging wells, installing a septic tank, and bringing in utilities all add up.
  • You may not own the dock, or foreshore it’s on, defined as the low and high water mark vs the water’s edge. Check the property title to see what belongs to you, and what other property owners, the municipality, or province may be responsible for. 
  • Does your lake or waterfront property manager allow motor boats, swimming, fishing, water skiing, or other activities you enjoy? Not all do, and you could be hugely disappointed. How deep is the water anyway? 

Before you decide what you include in your offer to purchase, remember sales contracts are legally binding.

How to make an amendment to the agreement of purchase and sale. 

Ontario’s Cheapest Waterfront Property

Head North for Cheap Waterfront Property 

Northern Ontario is where the cheapest waterfront property is found. Places like Balmertown on Red Lake, and Sioux Outlook are an all-day trek for some of the lowest priced lots around. 

Small Towns, Cities Offer Best Value

Remote lakes, and modest cabins by provincial parks are good value for the money. Timmins gets hopeful waterfront property buyers a foothold near a lake for $200,000 to $500,000. Actual waterfront property is limited, but local homes are well priced. 

Writing the purchase and sale agreement for Ontario real estate. 

Southward bound, Lake Nipissing or Trout Lake are popular with North Bay homeowners who want to fish, swim, or paddle board. Vacant land may be your best bet, or a small, detached home in the city. Prices start at $60,000 to $100,000 for a lot, and $249,000 for older bungalows. 

Where to Buy Southern Ontario Waterfront Property

When land or cottages come on the market, Moonbeam and Georgina are popular. If you’re keen to build, Bancroft still has vacant land from the mid-$60,000s upward. Parry Sound, midway between Sudbury and Barrie on Lake Huron, is further out price- and distance-wise, but well worth a visit. 

Waterfront Property Appreciates Faster

Any waterfront property appreciates faster than a landlocked lot. 

Once you have your piece of paradise, hold on tight. Building a cottage of any kind, what activities are allowed, the waterfront’s physical condition (is the lake full of weeds or algae blooms?), and new development like resorts, shopping centres, or casinos can all influence your waterfront property’s assessed value.

You don’t want to sell too early, or too low. Your realtor can help you decide when to sell. 

If a real estate deal falls through, here’s what happens to the deposit

Why You Need a Real Estate Lawyer

Buy or sell waterfront property with confidence when you use Axess Law. We have virtual real estate lawyers throughout Ontario for legal advice on offers to purchase, finalizing sales transactions, or refinancing your mortgage.

Close real estate deals without leaving home. 

Our cheap real estate lawyers review your agreement of purchase and sale for binding clauses. We search property titles for easements, rights of way, construction liens, or financial encumbrances. We register title in your name when you sell, or add family members to title to your new property. 

Revoking the agreement of purchase and sale for Ontario private sales. 

Existing mortgages are discharged, and new mortgage documents finalized to make your home purchase or sell go smoothly. We meet the completion dates in your agreement of purchase and sale, or negotiate with a seller’s or buyer’s lawyer to amend the agreement if they need more time.

Your final statement of adjustments is all inclusive. We explain deposits, legal fees, and disbursements so you have a complete understanding of what your real estate transaction cost you. 

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