Buried Gems – Buying Near a Cemetery

When your dream home is next to a cemetery, does buying have grave consequences? Astoundingly, buyers who have taken the plunge report it has some upsides.

Some locations, like right on the waterfront, just feel more desirable (and command higher prices). That doesn’t mean cemeteries can’t be a pleasant respite from a busy freeway or noisy schoolyard.

Well-heeled cemeteries in choice locations, filled with leafy, green spaces to stroll on a Sunday afternoon, can be on the right side of the tracks. Next to a cemetery could be just the ticket if downsizing or buying a first home has you on a restricted financial diet.

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Burial Trends in Canada

The reality of making your final mark could intrigue you. 

  • Only 20% of Canadians opt for burials nowadays. New graveyards just aren’t being constructed at the rate they were pre-1950.
  • Cremation has been popular since the 1950s, and that trend continues. 
  • Health effects from living opposite or near a crematorium aren’t bolstered by research. Still, buyers may not be thrilled to be discover one in their neighbourhood.
  • You don’t have to fear distasteful smells. Even eco-burials that use fabric shrouds or cardboard caskets are non-offensive to your olfactory buds. Odours are sealed beneath the soil. Besides, most wooden caskets are well sealed.

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Pros and Cons of Living By a Cemetery

Cemeteries have their pros and cons:

  • No worries about new development. City council likely isn’t to uproot the cemetery anytime soon. Your home’s views and peace of mind won’t be impacted by noisy construction or annoying sight lines.
  • They’re quiet most of the time – other than for the occasional burial.
  • Most cemeteries are well established. Older subdivisions can have bigger lots and mature, more affordable homes. Realtor.com reports home prices are 12% lower around cemeteries.
  • Sellers may be more willing to negotiate. They know not everyone wants to live next to a cemetery and, if you don’t mind the location, they may be happy to lower the price to get a quicker sale.
  • On the downside, you may have to be more flexible about price when the time comes to sell your piece of peaceful paradise. 

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Toxins and Buying Near a Cemetery

Wondering if those toxins used in embalming could leach into the soil and sicken you, or affect your property values? What about chemicals from chemotherapy patients, or metals, varnishes, and sealants from coffins?

A January 2000 Ohio research project found chemicals like mercury from dental fillings, and formaldehyde from embalming fluid, travelled vertically into cemetery soil samples. Environmental damage was confined to the cemetery site, not adjoining property. 

Those leafy trees you admired so much are taking up groundwater and soil, which disposes of some contaminants. Cold, dry climates preserved bodies longer (50 to 500 years). And eco-friendly solutions like biodegradable cardboard coffins and shrouds make an impact. 

You can rest assured that modern zoning regulations take into account how far a cemetery is from groundwater, surface water, and ditches. That said, you probably don’t want to buy in a flood prone zone. 

For the last word, read: Cemetery Setback Distances to Prevent Surface Water from Contamination from the National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health. 

Why You Need a Real Estate Lawyer

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