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Statutory Declaration Frequently Asked Questions

Swear or affirm a legal oath in writing with Axess Law Ontario lawyers and notary public services. We assist you with: applying for pensions declaring marital status swearing or affirming facts legal name changes construction payments for new homes filing insurance claims requesting estate benefits and more. Axess Law’s Ontario notary publics witness e-signatures online….Read More

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Agreement of Purchase and Sale

Buy or sell real estate in Ontario the quick and convenient way. Our licensed notary publics and Greater Toronto Area real estate lawyers review agreements of purchase and sale or close real estate transactions virtually or in person. We advise on legal obligations for real estate buyers or sellers. Be confident your offer is legally…Read More

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Declaration Form Frequently Asked Questions

Have you been asked to sign declaration forms confirming personal information? Axess Law can notarize or commission forms for almost every legal purpose: replacing lost or stolen passports declaring principal residences traffic tickets in Greater Toronto Area notarizing promissory notes applying for pensions or benefits proving marital status or seizing and selling property.  Our licensed…Read More

Sign Legal Documents in Virtual Time

You’re getting kind of used to this sitting at home talking on the computer thing. Thanks to laptops, cell phones, iPads, tablets, mobile devices and the Internet for making it all possible. We couldn’t agree more. Doing (Almost) Everything Online Now when you need a legal document notarized or a commissioner of oaths to witness…Read More

Making Your Affidavit Stand Up in Court

Have you been harmed on purpose? A lawyer who said he was lost his case. It’s good to know nobody’s perfect when it comes to making an affidavit for Ontario Superior Court of Justice.  How to Write an Affidavit for Court It looks so easy on TV. The fact is, making an affidavit takes work….Read More

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