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Divorce, Remarriage and Wills

Remarriage after divorce can make Wills out of date or inaccurate. Remember to revisit all your Wills when your marital status changes. Why make your current spouse go to court to argue for inheritances you meant for them to have? Axess Law writes new Wills to reflect who you want real property and possessions to…Read More

Correcting Errors in Wills

Wills written years ago or even yesterday can have errors that call your intentions into question. Your estate trustee can only defend your Will against creditors and claimants if they know what your final wishes were. Axess Law makes a new Will when the one you have right now has mistakes that make it hard…Read More

Mortgage Deferrals

Tough economic times call for tough solutions. When you can’t make your mortgage payments, you may have to: refinance your current mortgage take out a private mortgage to get by or transfer your home to next of kin.  Before you do that, ask your lender if you can suspend or defer your payments with a…Read More

Living It Up With a Reverse Mortgage

How Reverse Mortgages Work Reverse mortgages give older adults, 55 and up, freedom to borrow against the value in your home and use the money however you like. When you apply for a reverse mortgage in Ontario, you borrow up to 55% of your home’s current market value. It’s called equity release. You get cash…Read More

Using Your Home's Equity (HELOCs)

Using Your Home’s Equity (HELOCs)

Borrowing against your home equity can affect mortgage refinancing. Bet you weren’t banking on your HELOC (home equity line of credit) being payable in full when you looked for a new mortgage lender or reopened your mortgage to change the terms. Axess Law discharges HELOCs against mortgages you refinance, freeing you from revolving, recurring interest-only…Read More

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