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Majority Rules Clauses for Wills Executors

Having co-executors for a Will can make your life easier. Majority rules! Less work for you. Stay diligent. You could be liable for co-executors’ mistakes or misdeeds. It’s up to you to monitor other executors in case they overreach their authority. Appointing an executor is serious business. Before you accept an appointment, make sure you…Read More

Documents Required To Close Your Home Purchase

Excited as you may be, you’ll need to stay on top of it to close your real estate transaction on time.  Axess Law is there for you. We process real estate deals across Ontario, by video call or in person, 7 days a week, day or evening. Here’s a list of documents you need to…Read More

Offering Over Asking Price for Ontario Real Estate

Split levels selling for $367,000 and $306,000 over list price — who knows where Ontario real estate prices will land buyers and sellers. Should you ever offer over listed sales price? Axess Law sees many buyers who do, especially —  When It’s a Seller’s Market Housing demand and supply rarely line up. Competing for limited…Read More

Mirror Wills for Spouses

Think carefully about how you write your Will when you are legally married or live common law in Ontario. Go slow if you are separating or divorced. Newly married or cohabiting couples often have individual Wills. When you become a couple, assets can be intermingled, making writing new Wills a smart idea. Legal advice on…Read More

Pros and Cons of Firm Offers in Real Estate

Just because you “absolutely love” a home may not be reason enough to make an irrevocable, firm offer. Real estate prices in Ontario are high and competition for properties is intense. Home prices increase all the time, or so it seems. Watch your home buying isn’t motivated purely by emotions.  Axess Law explains real estate…Read More

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