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About Axess Law

Why Axess Exists.

We believe that there is a better way to obtain legal services. Every day you are faced with complicated decisions and we are here to help. Unlike other firms, our approach to law is refreshingly different. We believe that law should be accessible to all, should be available at times that suit you, and at prices that make sense. ‘Law Made Easy’ is not just our trademarked slogan — it is the philosophy that guides our everyday business.

Who We Are.

First and foremost, we are lawyers. We are the solution to your legal issue. Our lawyers have been included in Canadian Lawyer Magazine’s Top 25 Most Influential list and our fresh and innovative approach to the practice of law has been featured in The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Metro, Yahoo Finance and the Canadian Bar Association’s National Magazine, to name a few.

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Beyond the headlines, we are just like you. We could be your neighbours, brothers, sisters and friends. We understand your concerns and our team of experienced lawyers shares a passion for the law and a commitment to top quality service.

How We Do It.

At Axess Law, you will receive real advice from lawyers who genuinely care about your well-being. We are open 7 days a week at convenient retail locations and offer transparent fixed prices and solid legal advice. Our goal is to make every interaction with you a positive one.

What We Do.

Our legal services range from everyday legal needs such as real estate purchases and sales to wills, power of attorneys, probate and notary services. We also offer business and corporate legal services such as shareholder’s agreements, incorporations and business name registrations. Explore more of our services.