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Notary Stamp

$25.99 + $19.99 each additional seal

We offer a full range of inexpensive Notary services from all of our convenient retail locations. With long opening hours throughout the week and at the weekend, we’re always able to help, even when the matter is urgent.

Many official signed documents need to be notarized to be valid. Examples include real estate transactions, birth, adoption, marriage or divorce certificates, government documents and more.

Our service is organized, efficient and quick. We can often notarize a document in just 5 to 10 minutes, even without an appointment (although we always recommend calling us to book time, to ensure a lawyer will be available for you). We conduct notarizations daily, and we pass the efficiencies onto you, alongside the savings!

Some documents may only need to be Commissioned.


When a child travels with only one caregiver, alone or with friends, a Child Travel Consent letter will often be required by the country they are visiting, or by Canadian authorities when re-entering Canada. Carrying a consent letter simplifies travel for Canadian children, and avoids any confusion or unforeseen problems that might prevent the child from traveling.

Canadian authorities strongly recommend that any consent letter be certified by an official who has the authority to administer an oath or solemn declaration, such as a lawyer or notary public. This helps to reassure border officials as to the validity of the document.

Axess Law can draft and certify your Child Travel Consent letter from any of our convenient retail locations. Call us today to make a short appointment with one of our lawyer’s, and we will ensure a trouble free travel experience for your child.

Certified True Copies

$25.99 + $19.99 each additional seal

You may not always wish or be able to provide original documents to a third party, as they may not be replaceable and might be marked, highlighted or not returned to you. In these cases, we can verify that a copy of an original document is in fact a direct, unmodified and authentic copy. This is called a Certified True Copy, because we certify that it is a genuine copy of the original.

We must see the original document and make a photocopy of it. We are unable to certify a copy that you have made yourself without also seeing the original, because we cannot verify that it is in fact a genuine copy. In some cases, original documents may only be found online. In this case we will look at the online original and certify a printed copy.

Our service is organized, efficient and quick. We can often certify a document in just 5 to 10 minutes, even without an appointment (although we always recommend calling us to book time, to ensure a lawyer will be available for you).

Letter of Invitation

$49.99 + $10.99 each additional seal

Sometimes when a person wishes to visit Canada, they will be asked for a letter inviting them to visit from someone within Canada. This letter does not guarantee that a visa will be issued, but it can help to reassure Border Officers that the person does not intend to overstay or to work illegally.

Writing a letter of invitation does not make you legally responsible for the invited person while they are in Canada, however you must tell the truth and plan to keep any promises you make in the letter.

Specific information regarding yourself, the person you are inviting and their intentions in Canada must be included in the letter.

To ensure your letter of invitation is prepared properly and certified as a genuine record of honest intentions, call us today to book an appointment with one of our lawyer’s. We draft letters of invitation every week at our convenient retail locations, so you can be confident that your visitor will be able to enjoy their time in Canada without unnecessary complications or delays.

Commissioner of Oath

$25.99 + $19.99 each additional seal

Some documents can be “Commissioned” instead of Notarized. Commissioners of Oaths are persons empowered by the Province of Ontario to administer and witness the swearing of oaths or declarations.

If this is possible it will usually be indicated on the document around the signing area.

Similar to a Notarization, Commissioning a signed official document (where allowed) will ensure that it is valid.



An affidavit is a written document which contains statements that you swear under oath or affirm to be true. They are often used to present evidence to a court.

Some affidavits have their own specific structure and form, and must be prepared in a certain way. In all cases there are general principles and rules that must be adhered to when preparing these documents.

Our lawyers can ensure that your affidavit is prepared correctly and that no important information is left out. To avoid confusion or misinterpretation, make an appointment at one of our convenient retail locations and we will guide you through the process in a comprehensive consultation.

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